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  • mazoomy posted 1240 days ago


    Heeeey it's been a long time. Are you still around? Watching the WC? What do you think of our 2 newest signings?

  • mazoomy posted 1292 days ago


    Forgot to mention RvP and Giggs!

    It was great to see RvP pick up where he left off against Olympiacos. Great energy, great drive, and a real determination to score and win. That's the RvP we saw last season and I hope we get more of it against Southampton, and next season if he's still around (which he should be if LvG gets the job).

    Giggs also put in a great performance. His pass to set RvP was just sublime. He also really should have scored with the shot that was blocked with a hand, the resulting penalty from his blocked shot which was never given (wtf was up with the ref, so many handballs, not one called) or the freekick that the Hull keeper saved.

  • mazoomy posted 1292 days ago


    That was a decent game. Despite the confusing decision to play Kagawa as DM it was not a bad performance.

    Lawrence and Wilson looked decent in their debuts. They didn't have a Januzaj effect, but they both showed a good determination and drive to win, with some promise of their abilities. I don't think either one is really ready quite yet, but with a good preseason with the first team we'll have a better idea of their readiness. I think Lawrence needs to work on his decision making most of all, and Wilson needs to become more threatening. While he did well to score his brace, I felt he wasn't a good focal point for the attack.

    Januzaj was brilliant. Let's hope we see more of that next season because he was our best player on the pitch.

    I thought Smalling was a rock in the back, but Jones was just stupid. He needs to stop risking his body so much or he will never live up to his potential. Valencia was solid at RB and I hope he continues to play there, and Buttner had a decent game. He gave the ball away cheaply at times, but that should get ironed out of his game if he plays more.

    Kagawa had an okay performance considering where he was deployed. Carrick wasn't bad, but still not as good as he was last season.

    Fellaini found himself in good positions but lacked any end product. Not a good performance from him, but he was also let down a bit by his teammates' unwillingness to play the ball into the box.

    That was the biggest problem on the day. Our players looked like they didn't want to, or didn't know how to, play the ball into the box. We held the ball just outside the 18 yard box for long periods of the game, but ultimately the players didn't show a good attacking drive. Januzaj was the one exception here. I think this speaks to Giggs' lack of experience as a manager; I feel he's telling the players what he wants them to do without really instructing them on how to achieve it.

    All in all it wasn't a bad game, and I'm excited to see more youth prospects join the first team.

  • Abz posted 1298 days ago


    Why is Carrick not on your fav athletes :O

  • Abz posted 1298 days ago


    I wouldn't say did a really good job. He did an okay job. He got sufficient funds and under less pressure handled the situation well. He's a legend but I just don't rate him as a manager, especially not as our manager! I hope you're right and he improves though.

    I agree with that. Someone will feel there's no point in staying if he gets the double. However I think he'll only get one, and that's the league. So he might stick around. If I was him though I'd leave, simply because I don't see Atleti doing so well again next season. Especially if the likes of Koke, Costa and Courtois leave.

    Ancelotti is my favourite manager now SAF is retired, but I just think it's too good to be true. I can't see them winning the treble because la liga will be Atleti's but CL (la decima) will be such a big feat, I just hope we at least try to lure him. Otherwise we may regret it. What's the harm in approaching him?

    But yeah, LVG is the man. I'm quite happy. It shouldn't been him from the start, we needed someone to sort everything out. But I guess it's easy to say in hindsight.

    De Boer is a top manager but it's the same reason why giggs is ruled out. Experience. I just think our owners want an experience manager with a nice CV to back up. De Boer has a good CV don't get me wrong but I'm talking top class CV's like Van Gaal or Mourinho or something. I believe that's what they were after.

    I know right! I was saying this to mazoomy, why were Chelsea so happy with 0-0. Hope crowd means nothing, especially when the crowd are Chelsea fans lol. They're so quiet it's unreal. After Torres' goal, their fans were singing 'we'll be champions of Europe', that goal meant nothing because AM were still after the one goal. Then Mourinho did something out of character by bringing Eto'o on so early which really turned out to bite them.
    Oh well, all Madrid final, should be fun to watch. Hope Atleti do it but I really wanna see Ronaldo win it :)

    About Munich, I just wonder if Pep will get the sack and head back to Barca? Seems logical in my opinion.
    The Germans really aren't enjoying this tiki-taka style and he seems to lack a Plan B.

    What'd you think? Pep to stay?

  • Abz posted 1298 days ago


    My previous response wouldn't post on your wall for some reason...

  • Abz posted 1298 days ago


    I agree, it's gotta be LVG, I can't see anyone else getting it to be honest. He's got the experience, attitude, and the CV to do it.

    Giggs would be great but realistically I doubt he'll be that good because management requires more than bringing the best out of players. For example, I don't think Giggs can lure top talent to the club, definitely can't see players that we've been linked with to come and play for Giggs (Reus, Cavani, etc.).

    Ancelotti would be the best choice, in my eyes, he's the best manager in the world now that SAF has retired. But why would he leave RM?

    Pep's style won't suit us, and again, why would he leave Munich?

    Blanc is just Moyes in disguise haha. Ole is just not a good manager, I know he had a bad side but his tactics are poor.

    Simeone might leave on a high after winning the league and maybe even the CL, he's worth trying for. So we should just go for Simeone and LVG. I can see us going for LVG, for sure. I kept money on him as soon as Moyes got the sack at 2/1, so I better get my money back!
    But of course would be happy with any of the names mentioned above - apart from Ole!

  • K L posted 1299 days ago

    K L

    Yeah 25-28m is pushing it.

    Yeah if LVG is the next manager, RvP isn't going anywhere.

    I'm fine with LVG coming in, tearing the team up, clearing out players, bringing in our youth players, signing world class players, and then in 2-3 years time have Klopp come in.

    My order of preference assuming we can get any manager: Klopp, Ancelotti, Mourinho, Van Gaal.

  • mazoomy posted 1299 days ago


    I don't think it's fair to say the CBs were awful in general, because the suicidal line they are forced to hold makes them look so much worse than they are, but the set piece defending was certainly awful.

    Toni Kroos is no holding midfielder, I agree on that. Last season he was a CAM and he thrives in that area just outside the penalty box. Rather than being a typical CAM who always looks forward for the killer pass, he provides some of that but mostly acts as a distributor from just outside the box, spraying the ball to whoever is open right in front of the defenders' noses. And when you decide he isn't a threat because he isn't the one providing the final ball, he rips a shot at net and you're forced to pay even more attention to him. His mere presence in an attacking position opens space up for others to exploit. It's foolish to take all that out of his game to play him as a holding midfielder.

    I wouldn't say that not every team can play tiki-taka, even though that is correct, but what is more accurate to me is that tiki-taka is useless as is. It needs an evolution because it has been found out, and in its current form will win you nothing. What's really ironic about this whole thing is that I believe you've correctly identified just how Real destroyed Bayern, which is exactly what Bayern did to Barca last season. That is just hilarious. My mom joked around that Pep was Barca's inside man and was tasked with destroying Bayern from the inside out, and in a weird sense (if he goes back to Barca) that will be exactly what he's done.

    I can't take anything away from Madrid's performance. They were excellent in all areas of the pitch. They were no different than Bayern was last season, in terms of their balance and collective strength, and that is a huge compliment. They thoroughly deserved to win that tie, and deserved the score line too. As you said, they could easily had 4-0 in both legs. Tiki-taka has now lost consecutive semi-finals by an aggregate scoreline of 12-0. That is embarrassing, especially when the team that won 7-0 last year against tiki-taka now lost 5-0 with tiki-taka.

    I don't feel particularly bad for Xabi. He knew he couldn't afford a yellow and still went in like that. It was just stupid.

    Madrid winning it does seem like it's been written in the stars, but I still think Chelsea will end up crushing their hopes. Let's see how it goes in today's semi-final first though lol.

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