david wills

david wills


I love a lot of things (my girl,family,MMA,hockey,fishing,gardening,movies,more MMA) I love to learn new things.

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  • Jaime Moreno posted 3132 days ago

    Jaime Moreno

    hey just to let you know im the Co-community leader for the Regional MMA section. just click the people tab on the main MMA page and hit Regional MMA and join in.


  • Brian Oswald posted 3269 days ago

    Brian Oswald

    Dude, you know your stuff on the superheroes and their MMA counterparts. Perhaps we should talk about doing an expanded pack article or maybe its better to just include them in the comments. Something to think about!

  • Mike Leanza posted 3397 days ago

    Mike Leanza

    thanks for picking my article as a favorite

  • Dorothy Willis posted 3405 days ago

    Dorothy Willis

    I also recommend Fightbook--it is a fight site I really feel at home on, they have been very nice to me.

  • Matt Reekie posted 3417 days ago

    Matt Reekie

    Yeah man, anything where people are getting punched, kicked, thrown, pinned, choked or armlocked is good with me lol.
    Peace out dude

  • Dorothy Willis posted 3436 days ago

    Dorothy Willis

    Thank you David. I enjoy pretending that I could actually be a writer,

  • Ryan Wales posted 3468 days ago

    Ryan Wales

    Thanks for the pick!