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I am a Junior Marketing major at Michigan State University. As surprising as that may sound, I long considered pursuing a degree in journalism before ultimately opting for the business college. I have often been told I possess a rare talent in communicating with others and use BleacherReport as just one of the many outlets to try and utilize that. I carry an avid passion for sports and more importantly for using written language as a means to connect to the world around me. I still write for the simple fact that if the right opportunity arose, I would love to have the chance to take it. I am a firm believer in keeping an open mind and never closing doorways to opportunity.

I hope my words find a place on your reading list and I am able to contribute to not only the knowledge you have of sports, but also in enhancing the level of enjoyment you achieve from them.

Any inquiries regarding possible opportunities, or if you just want to say hello can be sent to me directly at my email address:

Thanks for your time and enjoy!

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