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My name is Darko and i have been a sports fan ever since i watched the first soccer game for me between AC Milan and Inter.I'm a major sports fan overall,who's interested in NBA basketball,soccer,winter sports such as ski jumping,skiing,athletics,F1 and so on.

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  • Long gone posted 367 days ago

    Long gone

    Hello Darko.

  • Ozzie B posted 384 days ago

    Ozzie B

    I wish you the best man. You got screwed in Detroit, and we all know it. You would have been better than Bosh -- more skill.

  • Vojkan gushevski posted 1301 days ago

    Vojkan gushevski

    Hey Darko whats up ?? Great articles !!!! By the way where are you coming from ???

  • J D posted 1326 days ago

    J D

    Well I can't access inbox currently but email at rocksballer58@yahoo.com and I'll tell you.

  • J D posted 1326 days ago

    J D

    Hey Darko,

    It's Josh from hardcourtmayhem.com. Did you get your username and password for your site at hardcourtmayhem,com/darko?

  • CYRUS 99 STARK posted 1393 days ago


    Check this out, this guy is NUTS; http://soccernet.espn.go.com/news/story?id=824766&sec=england&cc=5739

  • CYRUS 99 STARK posted 1396 days ago


    Hey Bro, check out my new article; http://bleacherreport.com/articles/450942-hes-not-that-type-of-player-is-tackling-out-of-control-in-the-epl

  • Richard JT posted 1434 days ago

    Richard JT

    Go to Facebook Darko!

  • Richard Tanzil posted 1444 days ago

    Richard  Tanzil

    Go to Facebook Darko!

  • Mark Brown posted 1445 days ago

    Mark Brown

    Hey Darko. Could you take a look at this article and let me know what you think? Thanks.