1. Ron Turner, You Sicken Me.

    The Chicago Bears were 7-9 this season in the NFL, which was good enough to land 3rd place in the NFC North (fail). But not nearly good enough to get into the postseason, something which seemed very likely in the off-season with the arrive of Jay Cutler.

    Yash Bhatia Written by Yash Bhatia about almost 8 years ago 163 reads 1 comments

  2. Kyle Orton Named Chicago Bears' Starting QB

    The Chicago Bears have named their starting QB. It's Kyle Orton. Now, I'm not too happy about this decision. Even though he led the Bears to a 10-5 2005 record, Orton needs to work on his playmaking ability and his long passes...

    Yash Bhatia Written by Yash Bhatia about over 9 years ago 370 reads 2 comments