Creator of Spector's Hockey and a contributing writer for The Hockey News, The Guardian (PEI) and Eishockey News. Also a former contributor to Foxsports.com, AOL and Kukla's Korner. Prior to my writing career, I spent 25 years in the Canadian Forces. I live in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

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  • Allan Mitchell posted 803 days ago

    Allan Mitchell

    Hi Lyle, can you do 11:05 EDM time tomorrow? GREAT rumor article, would like to follow up. you can reach me at amitchell@tsn1260.ca

  • Trevor posted 844 days ago


    i don't live in canada but serving in armed forces deserves high respect so thanks for your service. and also i was wondering if you were thinking of doing a prediction of standings before season starts i would love to read one. thanks

  • pistol pearce posted 899 days ago

    pistol pearce

    How about you do a top 200 for the 2015-2016 fantasy season

  • Hacobo posted 956 days ago


    Thanks for responding. I just like to see more articles now that the season is ending. The summer is great but the worst part about it is no hockey.

  • Hacobo posted 957 days ago


    I liked your article about best GM's in free agency. Just wondering are you do more about drafting and trading. And after that ranking the GM's overall? I'd love to read them so I hope you consider writing about it some more :)

  • Lyle Richardson posted 974 days ago

    Lyle Richardson

    Thanks for the kind words, Nik, and for your support.

  • Nik Wilson posted 975 days ago

    Nik  Wilson

    I didn't realize you served in Canada's military. I'm not Canadian, and I've never been to Canada, but thank you for your service. By the way, I like your articles and your responses to people's comments. I like how you respond to negative comments because it's funny and entertaining to read.

  • Lyle Richardson posted 1000 days ago

    Lyle Richardson

    Some folks just lead empty lives, Matt. Lashing out mindlessly is the only satisfaction they get.

  • Matt G posted 1001 days ago

    Matt G

    I'm disappointed to see disparaging comments such as those posted previously. I fail to understand how someone could be motivated to spew such garbage, and resort to posting abusive comments. There's no need for it. Especially with the Habs are still in the hunt ;)

  • Lyle Richardson posted 1005 days ago

    Lyle Richardson

    Sadly for poor Jack, his account was cancelled because of his abusive comments. Thanks for your support, Jack, it was fun while it lasted.