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Dave Lozo is the hockey lead writer for Bleacher Report. Dave has covered the NHL for six seasons. Prior to joining Bleacher Report, he spent five years covering the New York Rangers and the NHL as a writer for NHL.com. Dave has also been featured as a columnist for The Score's hockey blog Backhand Shelf. He has yet to win an award for his hockey writing, but awards mean nothing to him unless you would like to present him with an award. You can follow Dave on Twitter at @DaveLozo.

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  • Ali Baba posted 442 days ago

    Ali Baba

    Love you Mr. Dave, just wanted to let you know the haters are gonna hate, but that doesn't mean you're not the best writer on BR. Surprised they let a female here actually write boring factual articles about men's hockey while getting ZERO slack, whereas you always go above-and-beyond your job when it comes to writing articles due to your use of humor and biased opinions which makes for a good read.

    Thank you for not conforming like almost every single one of your other colleagues (Johnathan Willis, Steve Macfarlane and vastly underrated Tom Urtz Jr. are the very minimal exceptions here) because you truly are the greatest!

  • Randy W posted 446 days ago

    Randy W

    Well looks like you are choking on the same crap you spew out every week......Not a surprise. Does the Olympics this past year ring a bell. Or this awful article : http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2383732-dave-lozos-bag-skate-saying-goodbye-to-the-playoff-hopes-of-the-calgary-flames

    Yikes man I think you better quit while you're ahead. Oh wait you've never been.

    You probably think Glen Sather is a good GM too......

  • Detroit VS Everybody posted 482 days ago

    Detroit VS Everybody

    How do you have a job talking about the NHL. Everything you write is so opinion based with little or no factual evidence to support anything. My six year old daughter could write up a better article than you. Please do everyone a favor and resign from BR so we don't have to read you're trash anymore, thanks.

  • Gordon Gee posted 484 days ago

    Gordon  Gee

    You are pathetic. Go Wings asshole!!!

  • Ali Baba posted 492 days ago

    Ali Baba

    Hey Mr. Lozo, just wanted to let you know that you are the best writer on BR. "Murray Tank 2015" always puts a smile on my face when I'm having a rough/crappy day

  • DJ Kay posted 506 days ago

    DJ Kay

    Do you think the Rangers will claim Martin Brodeur off waivers? LOL

  • Matteo Mancini posted 508 days ago

    Matteo Mancini

    Another question for Bag Skate--What is your favourite NHL team?

  • Matteo Mancini posted 509 days ago

    Matteo Mancini

    Can I ask a question for your Bag Skate article?
    When did 'the Simpsons' jump the shark?
    Thanks in advance,
    P.S. I enjoy reading the Bag Skate!

  • Ticothy Zaporoney posted 513 days ago

    Ticothy Zaporoney

    Your power ranking list got a mention here:

    Tic. Tac. #ZAPTheBlues

  • Abdullah Ahmed posted 534 days ago

    Abdullah Ahmed

    Do you think the Sedin twins will make the Hockey Hall of Fame