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  • the dispatcher posted 2701 days ago

    the dispatcher

    Thanks for the word. I do write, not here, of course, but elsewhere, around what's known as the Barilkosphere. "the dispatcher" is an alter ego. It's true I don't have much respect for BR nd have no interest in being a regular member.

    I'm not going out of my way to engage in confrontation just for kicks. I'm a die hard Leafs fan. Central to that is my admiration for the longest serving Leaf, Tomas Kaberle. I really am sick and tired of the continual "dragging through the mud" of one of our best players and classiest representatives who has given us nothing but loyalty in the past. If Kaberle leaves, it will have less to do with Wilson's attitude and more to do with the attitudes of Dimmano, Cox, Berger, Simmons, Strachan, Feschuk, and Fuller. Can you imagine having to work each day with those people?! As fans, I feel we have almost a duty to let Kaberle, his agent, and bad writers out there know, that we're not disillusioned.

    As long as people don't go out of their way to beat a dead horse, which happens to be my favourite horse that I still love, and as long as people don't over-inflate rumour and present it as fact, and as long as people actually get their facts straight and not completely backwards, you won't see me going out of my way to engage anyone on BR for any reason.

    You seem like a reasonable articulate fellow. Check out PensionPlanPuppets if you haven't already heard of it. That's the best Leafs-related community on the web.

    Cheers Jeff