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Ric Bucher spent 14 years as a senior writer with ESPN The Magazine and NBA sideline reporter and studio analyst for ESPN. He previously worked for the San Jose Mercury News and the Washington Post. He currently lives in Northern California, where he hosts a sports-talk show on 95.7 The Game and serves as a sideline reporter for Comcast Bay Area Golden State Warriors' broadcasts.

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  • Ric Bucher posted 10 days ago

    Ric Bucher

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Keith. I don't see any reason to defend my motive for writing the piece or the point of it. My friend, who I respect, was offended by what Lacob said and his color has everything to do with that. To suggest otherwise, as you do, is curious. I don't know if I would've written the piece if my friend hadn't played in the league and continues to work in it; that he does, though, makes it safe to raise the thought that Lacob offended a lot of people of color who play or work in the NBA. Based on other responses -- not yours, of course -- a lot of people of color, inside and outside the NBA, shared my friend's anger. I felt compelled to give them a voice. You always have the option not to read what I write or listen to what I have to say. Fair warning: I don't plan to shy away from addressing topics I feel are important.

  • keith lemos posted 10 days ago

    keith lemos

    Ric, I just read your aticle on Joe Lacob. pretty irresposible journalism to turn the owners words around and turn this into a race issue. "My friend is black"? Who Cares Ric, if your friend is black It has nothing to do with the comments made by Lacob. I've read the comments of Joe Lacob and NOWHERE did I see the words "refused to hire assistants to make him SMARTER". What he said was, he refused to hire the best and went on to say "You can't have a staff underneath you that isn't that good and if you're going to get better, you've got to have really good assistants. You've got to have people that can be there to replace you. We all know this from all of our companies. It's . . . Management 101". The reason there was silence was because race was never an issue but of course people won't read your article unless there is controvery and you made stuff up just to start something. Since when is it a race issue to want the very best coaching staff you can get to lead your team. I think you should apologize for your stupid article.

  • Mark De Castro posted 38 days ago

    Mark De Castro

    BR is lucky to have you!

  • Ric Bucher posted 53 days ago

    Ric Bucher

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Small Fundamental. I'll keep doing what I'm doing. I'm sure you'll do the same.

  • Small Fundamental posted 54 days ago

    Small Fundamental


    Do you still think Portland will beat Spurs in a 7 game series, because "they have a better bench"??

    Please..... For the love of God.... Stop covering basketball.

  • Ric Bucher posted 161 days ago

    Ric Bucher

    That concession, though, is what is different about LeBron from Kobe and even DRose. Kobe never has conceded his ability to match or exceed Jordan; DRose has the same mindset. It's not a matter of whether or not someone succeeds, it's a matter of where they keep their compass pointed. Now, maybe Rose will default as LeBron did, but I'm not expecting that. It's that old adage, "I'm going to _____ or die tryin'." That is not in LeBron's lexicon.

  • Simon Cherin-Gordon posted 161 days ago

    Simon Cherin-Gordon

    Great piece on LeBron, Ric. I agree, it isn't all about championships with him—but here's another element to consider: Like most other young basketball stars of the 2000s, LeBron spent his entire early career trying to be the next Jordan. It's why he went to Miami, it's why he was talking about winning 5, 6, 7 championships before he ever won one. But after failing to three-peat, I think he had the realization that what mattered most to him was not chasing Jordan or some spot on the NBA Mount Rushmore, but rather bringing one title back to his home state. Rather than chasing a legacy that will forever be Jordan's, he has chosen to create one that will forever be James'.

  • Ric Bucher posted 171 days ago

    Ric Bucher

    Thanks for your thoughts, Ben. The rant you speak of was a radio bit called High Road/Low Road and meant as a joke, not serious commentary on Sacramento and the Kings. Apparently someone in Sacramento decided to edit the bit so it sounded as if it was an actual take on the situation. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume your comments about both Oakland and the Warriors' arena situation are intended as jokes, too, since they're woefully inaccurate. As for my reporting track record, I'll put it up against anyone's. In this day and age, we are asked to give both opinions and reports and they easily can be confused. My opinions or predictions have been wrong now and then; to my knowledge, I've never reported something, up until the Kyle Lowry incident thanks to a source pretending to be a team executive, that was flat out wrong.

  • kings fan posted 172 days ago

    kings fan

    ric can you do us all of the sports world a huge favor and leave?? tired of seeing your biased and opinion oriented articles and reports. didnt really know who you were until last year when you had your clueless, oblivious, and ignorant rant on sacramento. you sounded so stupid and hypocritical for criticizing sacramento. do you realize you report for a team that plays in the black eye of america? do you also realize the warriors play in an awful location(worse than sacramento)? "ive never heard anyone say they are going to vacation in sacramento," when was the last time said they are vacationing down in oakland? what happen to maloofs wont sell to vivek? or kevin johnson wont get the arena done and all he has done is buy time? meanwhile the warriors cant get any kind of arena deal while kings are constructing one as we speak. you write articles on hot topics just for reads, even if you dont know two cents worth about it. your ignorance makes me question how you can be called a "writer" or reporter. its sad people think your false kyle lowry reports are the only thing you have been wrong about, when really its one of many reports that have been inaccurate.

  • Myke Leung posted 177 days ago

    Myke Leung

    You and your sources... Haha... I'm sure once you analyzed the Miami situation you'll know the Lowry deal was just only just a rumor until July 1st... Sad journalism from someone I once respected.