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Anthony J. Crooke the II

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Aspiring professional wrestler, which I'm sure is a trait shared by most ( at least those I've come across in the WWE section of this website. )

The men listed below are some of my favorites (just to name a few) that I've either grown up watching, or as a teenager have gone back and watched are inspirations to becoming a wrestler myself. Whether or not I'll share the same accolades, accomplishments, and respect they earned or not, my first goal is to actually get started and head down that long, disastrous journey I'm to call my career.

Chris Jericho
Eddie Guerrero ( November 13, 2005 )
The "Macho Man" Randy Savage ( May 20, 2011 )
Kurt Angle
Owen Hart ( May 23, 1999 )
Rey Mysterio
Chris Benoit ( June 24, 2007 )
The Rock
"Stone Cold" Steve Austin
The "Nature Boy" Ric Flair
Randy Orton
The "Phenom," The Undertaker

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  • Black Widow posted 123 days ago

    Black  Widow

    I dare say that One Piece is the greatest manga/anime in this era... it is on the same league with Dragon Ball in my eyes. :-)

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by... nice to meet you XD

  • CM Mox posted 124 days ago

    CM Mox

    Thanks :D By far the greatest anime in the world IMO and in 17 seasons it's just in the middle of the story lolol
    I am having a break right now though as I wait for more dubbed episodes (though I definitely not have a problem with subs), currently at episode 326.

  • Edward Morris posted 239 days ago

    Edward Morris

    She's banned me quite a few times but i always come back stronger. She's just such a fucken baby you know?

  • Edward Morris posted 241 days ago

    Edward Morris

    I got banned after dissing Sharon.

  • Edward Morris posted 280 days ago

    Edward Morris

    I think it was Sharon. Just because i mostly have been banned after commenting on Sharon articles and Sharon has a big history of getting people banned after commenting on her articles. Commenter's do have power to get people banned but not as much as writers.

    As far as your last account goes, i think you would have been banned for the same reason.

  • Edward Morris posted 284 days ago

    Edward Morris

    It happened while commenting on a Sharon article so i think Sharon might have reported me or something

    I was trying to tell people to get her banned..

  • Edward Morris posted 287 days ago

    Edward Morris

    Glitched or something.

  • Long gone posted 287 days ago

    Long gone


  • Edward Morris posted 287 days ago

    Edward Morris

    Answer to this account.

  • Edward Morris posted 289 days ago

    Edward Morris

    I meant to say i stopped after HG SS.

    Yeah i use Water and Fire. Sometimes Grass. Always Electric Flying and the Rock/Ground types.

    I also have this thing where i use all of that region's started which stopped at D/P because i didn't like Piplup.

    I'm the type that only uses my first 6 and then catch's the rest for keeps sake.

    " I just have a deep fascination for pokemon, so I don't really call too many favorites". Agreed with that.