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Also love the Blue Jays and everything baseball.

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  • Josh Matt posted 1418 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • hockeyfan posted 1526 days ago


    there you go buddy.300 big ones.cograts.now lets go for 400.

  • john davidson posted 1530 days ago

    john davidson

    You obviously pick a topic that brings people to the edge of their seats and beyond on both sides, the absolute secret of a great writer! Congratulations nearly 250 comments on a thought provoking topic and James you are patient classy guy. I apologize on my anti-Burke stance but assure I did not start out this way his rants and lies drove me to it but am a true Leaf fan hoping a better GM comes in with real goaltending and a better truer D line built on defence not all offensive puck carriers and all offensive one dimension forwards either,more the true responsible two way forwards which is also why the Kessel trade did nothing fore me either and the Kadri draft a bookmark so I'm sure you're understanding me more and more.Last but not least his horrid lack of development of Schenn and Gustasvvson in the AHL and now Scriven needed another year and his giveaway of Schenn and Monster and his penchant for trading for/drafting high risk/high reward injured players kite Lupul,Reilly even the cancer thing possible re-occurrence with Kessel make him a huge risk taker and dangerous but these are why I am anti Burk plus lost all his d men are offensive pinchers not tough stay at home cannot play a good positional stay home game all puck carriers these are my reasoning he needs to go imo,thnks 4 listening!

  • hockeyfan posted 1532 days ago


    you got a 126 comments in a couple of days,not bad,even though about 30 of them were from trolls.Take what you can from this bro,is the glass half empty,or full.You write to create a stir and you succeeded.that in it self is an acoplishment.

    Oh by the way,how do I write for BR.Ive been commenting on this site for a while(under different accounts) and think Im ready.I went to settings but cant find nothing.Please help :)

  • hockeyfan posted 1533 days ago


    Hey james.is there a way to block Johnny c from BR?if so,let me know,im in.he's gotta go.

  • john davidson posted 1533 days ago

    john davidson

    I appreciated your article Leafers always crazed until season begins and I see the logic in what you're saying they're at 64mil cap

  • Derek Scarlino posted 1754 days ago

    Derek Scarlino

    Didn't mean to bash your article, man. That kid sort of irked me outright. In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have even responded. I usually don't respond to people who don't write articles of their own.

  • Derek Scarlino posted 1754 days ago

    Derek Scarlino

    It has been brought to my attention that the title of my latest article is near verbatim in similarity to one you wrote about Mike Komisarek in August. Oops!

    In all honesty, I've written articles on politics with the same tag. It wasn't my intent to rip you off. Cheers.

  • Jeff Langridge posted 1878 days ago

    Jeff Langridge

    Hey James, just replying to your message.

    It took me only a day to be excepted. It really can take anywhere from three days to a week. Maybe they're just busy and haven't gotten to it yet. Don't worry it shouldn't take too much longer. If it does, just email them again.