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I have been a passionate and involved fan of the Tennessee Volunteers for much of my childhood. Now as I grow older, I am following sports closer then ever, particularly the NFL and College athletics. I live about 20 miles south of Nashville, TN and will always be a VFL.

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  • Kreskin Annihilation posted 1982 days ago

    Kreskin Annihilation

    I posted a response to your "prove it" post, because you are clearly lacking on the information front. You can't be much of a fan if you don't know the basic facts I alluded to, and proved in great detail, in the link below. I'd advise you to stick with middle schoolers for your next round of verbal challenges.

  • Kreskin Annihilation posted 1982 days ago

    Kreskin Annihilation

    I posted a response to your "prove it" post, because you are clearly lacking on the inforation front. You can't be much of a fan if you don't know the basic facts I alluded to, and proved in great detail, in the link below. I'd advise you to stick with middle schoolers for your next round of verbal challenges.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2114 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    There is no doubt the Gus Malzahn felt the need to ease Trotter into the game before turning the passing attack loose. Of course this is common with first game starters, and I see no weakness in that. One must consider that the passing game was somewhat effective when Malzahn needed it.

    Another factor in this game is the failure of Ted Roof to put the young Auburn defensive players in a position to be successful. He is the only major Auburn staff member that does not have a significant contract extension after last season. From all appearances, it seems that Chizik will be doing some of the defensive formation calling in this game.

    Don't get me wrong, this Auburn team could completely fall apart this season in a freshman panic. Such things are simply impossible to predict. My point is, and has been, that Auburn has all of the necessary talent and players to win every game. I think they will drop a couple due to youthful mistakes, likely LSU and Arkansas as they play those two teams earlier in the season. By November there is no team that I know of that will want to be across the ball from this Auburn team.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2114 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    I think you watched a different game from the one I watched from several angles and graded the offensive line on.

    The reason Auburn did not run the ball well had little to do with the offensive line and everything to do with Utah State feeling confident in loading the box with nine players.
    The offensive line graded well all game and got better as the game moved along. Of course you likely have a high opinion of Mississippi State's defensive line, so we shall see what happens tomorrow.

    The defensive line looked spectacular at times and awful at others. I expected this as it is just as important for a defensive line rotation to gel together as it is for the offensive line. I suspect that area will look much better in game two as it did in game two last season.

    I look forward to your updated predictions. I suspect you will see fit to do so at least two more times this season.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2115 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    Time will tell Eric:
    I will point out that in the preseason of 2010 it was a lack of experience that was pointed to along with a lack of talent as why the team would go 5-7 by many prognosticators.
    Auburn started a new quarterback, running back, right tackle, tight end, both defensive ends, both defensive tackles, one linebacker and the entire defensive secondary in 2010 over 2009.

    There were some pretty good players that stepped up, but there are even more this season.

    I do not expect a Heisman winner this season, but Trovon Reed, Emory Blake, Travante Stallworth, Philip Lutzenkirchen and DeAngelo Benton will vastly improve the passing game.

    The offensive line started rather awkwardly, but finished the game with two very solid quarters. No team in the nation has more talent on the offensive line.

    The defense, much like last season started awkwardly. Missed tackles added over 200 yards of offensive production to the Utah State totals. I expect some of this to disappear in week two and even more improvement as the season moves along.

    The defense is no more inexperienced than it was in 2010, and the progression through the season will likely be similar.

    The 2010 team was 14-0 with a BCS Championship, I have predicted this year's team to be about 10-2 with a range of 8-4 to 12-0. Arkansas and LSU are the biggest dangers for this Auburn team this season.

    I agree that Alabama is as talented as any team in the nation. The problem is that the talent is not developing well in certain areas. Their offensive line is strong and does a great job of run blocking straight ahead. They are also slow, overweight and slew footed and thus are not quick enough to provide good pass protection or lead the way in blocking outside on running plays.
    This leaves the Alabama offense with a very predictable offense that is easily impeded by a mediocre defense.
    The Alabama defensive line is also slower this year than in past years. I think thei will cause problems against teams that have quicker offensive linemen and the ability to run the ball on the perimeter. Arkansas and Florida are examples of such teams.
    No one can be very impressed with the Alabama options at quarterback right now. This might correct its self, or might not, but is certainly something to watch.
    In my opinion Alabama is a very beatable team that will finish 9-3 with a range of 8-4 to 10-2. Both Arkansas and LSU appear to be superior teams in the SEC West at this point.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2150 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    Thanks for the kind words Eric, but what I write and what I have had to comment about Auburn this year, as in years past, are embedded in my observations and information on the team. In fact, my analysis has likely been quite conservative for Auburn as is usually the case. No one can predict the upcoming season correctly every year, but I do try to be balanced and reasonable. If you remember every major media source was predicting Auburn to be between fourth and sixth in the SEC west at this time last season as well. They also predicted Alabama to be fourth to sixth in the SEC west in 2008 when I predicted them to win. One can never be right all of the time, but I assure you that nothing that I have commented about Auburn is exaggerated. It is possible we are looking at two different teams. I see the one on Auburn's campus that has tirelessly prepared for the current fall camp with what is likely the best overall coaching staff in the nation. You are likely seeing the team the media that has no access is seeing, that lost 14 members to current NFL rosters. I never dwell on what a team has lost other than to see what they might replace their production with.
    I have predicted Auburn to go 10-2, that is one better that what I think would be their worst case scenario without very bad luck with injuries. It is also one less than what my programmed analysis has indicated is the likely scenario this season.
    Thanks for the comment and concern...

  • Puppet Master posted 2459 days ago

    Puppet Master

    Mr. Hancock, saw your comment on the "UT-LSU points" preview article Mr. Jones wrote and wanted to invite you to join us each week on my weekly B/R series of college football bowl game projections.

    Just drop by and tell us what you think might happen.

    Hey, doesn't cost anything so make several predictions while you are at it.

    I need some Tennessee input on the series, you guys have all gone to the hills literally.

    Doc Masters