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I have been a Raiders fan since 1977.. i enjoy talking Raiders football with knowledgeble fans from all teams. i find it amuzing tho that some fans think we need to justify our love for our team. just because they are bad. well the way i see it is if your a true fan of a team you love them and support them regardless.. win or lose.. its easy to love a team when they are winning. but takes alot of character to stay with that team when things are down. we shouldnt have to defend our team to other people.. if they dont like we are fans.. screw em.. its just their hate and their jealousy speaking anyway.. ill chat intellegent football,, but im not going to entertain ignorance.. a wise man once told me.. when you argue with an idiot. and someone is watching that person cant tell who the idiot is.. so keep that in mind when responding to haters..

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