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  • Chillidog Gump posted 1405 days ago

    Chillidog Gump

    You are a disgrace young man. Stop shaming good Alabama fans with your disgusting hate speech on the LSU pages.

  • Bill Snider posted 1405 days ago

    Bill Snider

    Your apology is accepted.
    It's good that you finally admit that you only come to the LSU pages for the purpose of doing harm to others.
    I would advise that you seek some sort of professional help though. It's not good for your psychological health. This irrational anger towards others may be due to abuse by your parents at a young age.
    Seek some help. Good luck to you, and God Bless.

  • Bill Snider posted 1407 days ago

    Bill Snider

    Son if you keep trying to make things personal, you won't be allowed to come out and play.

    Now be a good boy and mind your manners. You've been warned repeatedly by B/R and we wouldn't want them to tromp on you again.

  • Jake Martin posted 1423 days ago

    Jake Martin

    Just saw what you wrote. I love the passion of every college football fan, and I endorse debates on my articles. It's fun and it's what college football is all about!

  • Bill Snider posted 1447 days ago

    Bill Snider

    Just in case you didn't notice, you'll be talking to yourself from now on. You have our permission to continue to post on the lsu page. But, you'll be ignored. You're going to be banished on site. bye bye

  • Bill Snider posted 1451 days ago

    Bill Snider

    Don't know what that's supposed to mean beaner. Forgot to take your meds?

  • Bill Snider posted 1451 days ago

    Bill Snider

    Alabama is now the 2nd best team in their own state. LOL
    Everyone is laughing at you
    Glad to receive the nice note. I figured you'd either gone back in the closet or had taken a bunch of sleeping pills

  • Bill Snider posted 1452 days ago

    Bill Snider

    What happened dirt bag? No wise ass comments anymore? What a coward!!! Heading back into the closet again huh? Good move. lol

  • Chris Dat posted 1452 days ago

    Chris Dat

    HAHA idiot!!!!

  • Timothy N posted 1453 days ago

    Timothy N

    War Eagle!