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  • GO BUCS,NOLES,HEAT Thomas posted 561 days ago


    41-14 go noles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GO BUCS,NOLES,HEAT Thomas posted 572 days ago


    bahhaaaa..the u sucks!!!!!

  • GO BUCS,NOLES,HEAT Thomas posted 578 days ago


    wwe are kicking the u ass this weekend !!!go noles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tailgate King posted 578 days ago

    Tailgate  King

    who are you again?? whoever you may be, anyone with any kind of intelligence would know that that best team in the nfl isnt decided untill the super bowl is over,,you must be one of those brand new seakawks fans

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 581 days ago


    So I like the niners according to you because they were relevant, but it's ok for you to like the Miami Hurricanes in the 80's the same decade they were relevant! Get outta here you hypocrite. You weren't living in Miami at that time, but you decided to like them because they were doing well. You said you like your dad's team, well he is not a dolphins or canes or heat fan so why like them now. Oh yea, because they all are doing well this season.

    As far as my profile goes explain to me how all the people you named have taken shots at me do to coming on my fav teams boards like you! I address troll not the other way around. It's all good. What can you expect from someone with 2 teams per sport. Your a sideways fan!

    Tail Lerr you come onto another person's bulletin to bash me wowww that's worse than trolling. Don't get mad because I exposed you. Did you tell your Seahawk buddy how you also root for the Dolphins and only like the seahawks by association? Did you tell your buddy how you follow me onto FSU boards and talk about the canes and go on otehr teams boards trolling? I didn't think so. You came onto FSU boards talking about Miami this Miami that, but that's ok for you to troll and then you get mad when I address your ignorant comments. You can join the lists of trolls that are on my bulletin. It's not my fault you guys come onto my teams page.

    If your going to call me a niner bandwogner fan thats expected because we have 5 superbowls. I can call you a canes bandwogner if that's the case. I love the niners for a variety of reasons. You like the canes because you moved there. I never lived in SF and i'm still a fan. I love Steve Young he was a mobile qb doing his thing and never got credited like Elway's or Farve's of the game. Why are you on FSU boards trolling and uf boards trolling, but get mad when you get exposed? You can't answer that because the answer is YOUR LIFE TRULY SUCKS! You changed your profile at least 5 times within a 2 week period so your trying to hide behind different user names after getting exposed. I see the bama comments and Ohio State fans comments are deleted. You got your feelings hurt awwwww so sad. I can keep mine up there as these people left essay's on mine and I just hit em with one paragraph. Now you live in Miami so go to South Beach and relax. Your full of hot air.

  • Sup

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 582 days ago


    After reading your bulletin responses it's evident that you are a clear troll. You have ohio state fans, bama fans, FSU fans and other teams coming at you on here. Now I see why your mad, because your personal life sucks so this is how you get attention. A bandwagoner calling me a bandwagoner now that's funny. You like seattle because your dad is a fan of them, but you root for the dolphins which STILL ISN'T ON YOUR FAV SPORTS TEAMS LIST YOU DUMB IDIOT! You made a valid point regarding Alabama, but your speaking off of hatred and not facts. One point was true in how bama jumped ok state, but every other point is opinions which you know what opinions are like. Do yourself a favor, pick one team not 2 or more and stick with them. Your dad likes the she-hawks, be your own man and pick your own team. What happens if seattle plays dolphins in superbowl you gonna root for both? Your A BANDWOGNER AND A FAKE *** FAN! GO NOLES!

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 582 days ago


    I was born during the dynasty era you idiot. In fact, the Cowboys and Bills were having more success in post-season than the niners when I started watching it. STop with the hating loser. You like The sea-hawks, canes, miami heat and rays which all are top ranked teams now, while i like the Magic, Marlins, Noles and Niners. Magic and Marlins finished last, so stop with the non-senes. You have no proof of liking seattle other than now for all I know you couldn't tell me their headcoach when yall lost the superbowl that doesn't sound like a real fan. I could name every coach the niners had since I started watching. GO NINERS/NOLES/MAGIC/MARLINS!

  • FEAR THA SPEAR posted 583 days ago


    @Tali Lerr

    Finally someone who speaks truth and saying the same thing I say. I"m a FSU SEMINOLE fan, but man you spoke everything I have said since 2010. Bama gets to much hype and credit when they didn't deserve the titles especially when they jumped ok state without winning division or conference. GO NOLES!

  • Twenty-One Straight posted 583 days ago

    Twenty-One Straight

    Last time I checked, OSU is ranked ahead of Miami (FL).