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Matthew Crosby

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Hi. My name is Matthew. I am 9, From Georgia, and I live with my Mom, Dad, and Little Sister. My grandma is in a Nursing Home. My Mom (Melissa Moulton. Born: March 16, 1971. Age: 39), My Dad (Randy Crosby. Born November 3, 1956. Age: 54). My Grandma (Laura Crosby. Born May 10, 1925. Age: 85.), and My little sister. (Holly Crosby. Born: December 11, 2008. Age: 1.) I love them all. I also have 2 pets. 1 is a Siberian Husky named Timber and another is a Black Tabby named Penny. I love them as well. I am a huge WWE fan. I've watched WWE since I was 3. My favorite WWE Superstar is The Undertaker. My favorite Tag Team is The Brothers of Destruction (Kane and The Undertaker). I also watch TNA. My favorite TNA Superstar is Jeff Hardy. My favorite Tag Team is The Motor - City Machine Guns. I have a lot of websites. I have a MySpace, XAT, ROBLOX, Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube, and lots more! My favorite foods are Pizza, Tuna Casserole (The way my mom makes it) Cheeseburgers, and Chicken Nuggets/Strips. I don't usually eat Cheeseburgers the way my parents make it. My dad's Cheeseburger's are crunchy and my mom's Spaghetti is... Well, I don't know what to say about it. I just don't like it. That's all I can think of about myself. Bye!

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