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A 21 year old MMA addict that got hooked along with the rest of the world when Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar were trying to kill each other back in 2005.

Despite barely being old enough to write my name when UFC 1 took place back in November of 1993, I've gone back and watched every fight possible over the last few years and have a pretty decent amount of knowledge about both the history and the sport itself.

Hopefully I can provide people with something decent to read and even spark a conversation or two in the process.

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  • Josh Matt posted 708 days ago

    Josh Matt

    care for a fan add?

  • Mike D posted 843 days ago

    Mike D

    My bad - fixed it.

    BTW, today's the day if you want an ADD / DROP (let me know)

  • Mark s posted 870 days ago

    Mark s

    We are looking for mma writers, if interested please contact us at or

  • Mike D posted 990 days ago

    Mike D

    All set - you're in

  • Mike D posted 990 days ago

    Mike D

    It's only a month old... good time to jump in.

    Just message me with 5 UFC-ONLY fighters not already selected - here's the list of taken fighters -

  • The Analyst posted 1004 days ago

    The Analyst

    Has the LHW GP been done

  • The Analyst posted 1022 days ago

    The Analyst

    LHW GP?

  • MegaTron Beastmode posted 1024 days ago

    MegaTron Beastmode

    I really enjoyed your piece on Diaz's mentality going into the fight. Hope to read more from you soon.

  • The Analyst posted 1025 days ago

    The Analyst

    What happened to the LHW GP?

  • The Analyst posted 1045 days ago

    The Analyst

    You gonna get the LHW GP started?

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