I am a 25, 26, 27, 28 yr old die hard Oakland Raiders fan from Stockton, Ca. My favorite teams are the Sac Kings, Oakland A's, and the GS Warriors. I also root for the Lakers when they aren't playing the Kings or Warriors.

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  • _ _ posted 1235 days ago

    _ _

    Strong possibility of the NFL being diluted in quality, by extending the regular season to 18 games. My solution generates additional league revenue and increased competition, without sacrificing the quality and integrity of the NFL.

    Possible Solution for NFL 18 game Schedule


  • DARK KUSH posted 1305 days ago


    UPDATE: Kevin Boss in the BUILDIN! get it done Al, now please! still think Dockery should be looked at very closely. same with McKinney at LT ... just my opinion. If Al could make those 3 signings and still manage to get back to the 120 million in the couple of months, this will make up for our loses in 2011.

  • Autumn Wind posted 1503 days ago

    Autumn Wind

    Raiders breaking news.

  • Terrell White posted 1509 days ago

    Terrell White

    What up ROC? - check out my latest when you have time and let me know what you think

  • Carlosrossie 209 posted 1529 days ago

    Carlosrossie 209

    u need to do a articale why cable should stay as head coach reason number one cus hes from MERCED

  • Carlosrossie 209 posted 1529 days ago

    Carlosrossie 209

    what up roc Merry christmas bro mite be at the indy game hopefully its not the last home game

  • Carlosrossie 209 posted 1546 days ago

    Carlosrossie 209

    man that mc clain hit was hella tight layed that cat out should have let them run the clock out instead of the 10 sec run off

  • John Doublin posted 1553 days ago

    John Doublin

    You're article was correct, I expand on the theme.


  • Carl Cockerham posted 1569 days ago

    Carl Cockerham


  • getbread ced posted 1571 days ago

    getbread  ced

    what up mofo