Big sports fan with multiple interests. I love cricket, field hockey and football, and have drastically increased my interest in cycling the past few years so that it is nearly as much a favourite as the first 3 sports. I really like tennis but wish it didn't take so much practice to get good at. I'm hoping to start up my long distance running again this year to compliment my interest in athletics. I'd swim a lot more but it takes a shed load of effort and i'm a bit too busy doing other sports. I enjoy the american sports: american football, basketball and ice hockey but think baseball is a terrible game. I also have a liking for snooker and think it's one of the most skillful games to play. the main sports that i play are field hockey (roll on the new season) as an attacking midfielder and cricket: right handed orthodox batsmen (averaging 69 so far this season) with right arm medium fast bowling.

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