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  • Derrick syl james Jr. posted 2304 days ago

    Derrick syl james Jr.

    J knight is nothing more than a troll

  • John Fragglerock posted 2306 days ago

    John Fragglerock

    So you post this on my wall???

    "Ryan A posted 1 day ago

    Obviously I can't make rational post on any article without you intervening with some idiotic and irrelevant response.

    So, as hoping to avoid embarrassment to you by posting on your wall, I am not worried about the Ttown's menswear situation, and you did not hurt my feelings with your elementary responses.

    Keep serving, that's about at your level, sorry man..."

    I can deal with the arrogant attitude, but the last comment is over the top. What are you a communist??? Do you really find the job of defending the nation so low??? At the very least you could avoid not knocking on someones service. Good job on mocking every man that has died for you to stay free.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2312 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    Actually Ryan I said from the beginning that NCAA rules did not allow for Blakely to play this year, but due to the circumstances Auburn did have a chance of getting and exception. The NCAA has just now ruled on eligibility and Auburn has appealed for the exception. I think the chances are about even since he never practiced at Florida. I expected the NCAA to reject the first request as it was obvious that Blakely enrolled and attended class at Florida. The rules are plain in this respect. The NCAA can issue a waiver on appeal if an appeal was made and it was in this case.
    Kris Frost also separated his shoulder and will have to miss and redshirt this season to rehab.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2319 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    I guess in your opinion Ryan. I never do analysis based upon what a team lost. I do use what a team lost to justify my original analysis to less educated (about the teams) fans.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2323 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    No, he believes the investigation is still open. He is correct. He does not believe it is active, and he is also correct.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2323 days ago

    Kevin McGrady


    investigation - the work of inquiring into something thoroughly and systematically

    This definition does not include an open file on a desk with no resources dedicated to it. An investigation requires action.

    The NCAA's own words:
    "The time an investigation takes varies on each case. The NCAA enforcement staff has a high standard of proof to proceed with an allegation of rules violations. The enforcement staff must take the time necessary to obtain complete information from individuals involved and outside sources. It also takes time to locate and coordinate interviews with involved individuals and their legal counsel. In some cases, as additional information is uncovered, more possible infractions are uncovered which broadens the scope of the investigation and takes more time to investigate. Involved schools may request additional time to respond to allegations, which may impact the timeframe. "

    Auburn has not been contacted and there are no longer any NCAA resources working the case. There is no longer an investigation. The NCAA may still have an open case file and I expect they do, but this does not constitute an investigation.

    It is not the first time the NCAA was embarrassed and misspoke to save face.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2324 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    Pete Thamel was reprimanded and Thayer Evans fired for their tendency to make it up as they go along at the NYT. Thayer Evans was also fired from his previous job in Texas for the same reason.

    That being said, the confrontation did take place and it was planned and staged that way by Auburn. The NCAA has never had a backbone and has never admitted when they were done investigating and nothing was found. The general rule at the NCAA is to simply stop investigating and leave the case open. This can lead to speculation by the Thamels and Evanss of the world for years. This time Auburn has made up their mind to force the issue. The NCAA will be forced to come out and either publicly charge Auburn with violations or publicly clear the program. Auburn is going to get their public decision one way or the other.

    That is the entire story in a nutshell. Thamel had a small part right, and that is unusual for him.

    You should know that Auburn's compliance director was a long time employee of the NCAA enforcement staff. Both he and the Auburn administration feel they have nothing to fear from the NCAA on this matter or any matter. This is what gives them the confidence to publicly push the NCAA for action. There is also plenty of private pushing going on.

    If Auburn is right, the NCAA will get a huge black eye from this entire fiasco. If not, it is obvious now there is nothing big to find. Auburn likely feels it is a win for them either way.

    I thought of writing another article about this, but sourcing it is very difficult and I figured it would simply lead to more Troll Wars. The above is what I know about the situation.

    Dennis Dodd spoke on Jox this morning, he said he had heard nothing about Auburn on any front. I can assure you that he would know if anything were out there long before Sports by Brooks, Thayer Evans or Pete Thamel.

  • Larry Burton posted 2330 days ago

    Larry Burton

    Yes, Kevin's always been a little cocky... (G)

  • Larry Burton posted 2671 days ago

    Larry Burton

    Ryan, (G) means, saying it grinning, it's meant to inflict the fact that I'm saying it humorously.... Thanks for all your reads and comments.

  • Larry Burton posted 2688 days ago

    Larry Burton

    Thanks for taking the time to do the fav. writer thing... Thanks so much!