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  • Joseph C. posted 286 days ago

    Joseph C.

    Might be time to update your "Will not remove until" list, bro.

  • The Durantula posted 306 days ago

    The Durantula

    Bah look at D. Young smfh...

  • The Villain posted 450 days ago

    The Villain


  • Ministryofdarkness posted 450 days ago


    lmao !! that pic

  • The GOAT Sweet X6 posted 451 days ago

    The GOAT Sweet X6


  • The Viper posted 451 days ago

    The Viper

    Whatever, man. But seriously, you need help psychiatrically and psychologically.

  • Bryan Sucks 2.0 posted 452 days ago

    Bryan  Sucks 2.0

    Nah...... The Hollywood is whats best for business.

  • Alex Riley is the best 2.0 posted 452 days ago

    Alex Riley is the best 2.0

    Magine if The Rock buys TNA and he signs Alex Riley to be the face of the company. That's the recipe to beat WWE in ratings right there

  • Bryan Sucks 2.0 posted 453 days ago

    Bryan  Sucks 2.0

    Did I offend you! ahhhh......The poor little goat !

  • The Viper posted 453 days ago

    The Viper

    I didn't turn on you, you did turn on yourself. If you have 15 or 14 accounts banned, there's a reason for that, maybe you have to take a look in the mirror and say "i'm doing something wrong". Take me for instance, i am universally hated on here, but this is my first and only account, i've never had my account blocked, sure there were few glitches here and there, that's why i had to open an alternative account, sequel to this one, but this account i've been using it for over two years now. You have to turn it down a little bit or you're going to have to open a account in every one week. you are lucky you cleared it up before it's too late, because i almost reported you.