Immortal Dilemma

Immortal Dilemma


I'm a Guru! i like almost anything that has meaning to it. Although there's alot of stuff that gets me pissed off(ill tell ya if ur annoying me or not!)

What i see on Bleachers Report [Pro Wrestling]

I never see articles that consist like the WWE articles on B/R wrestling's side seem like ever one that writes about TNA are just as a bigger fan of the causal WWE writer...I'm just writing what I'm seeing on B/R.. And quite frankly it’s hard for me to even come on the wrestling side of B/R of this site. Too much one sided thoughts on here, and it seems like there's only one wrestling that deserves to get a hour of thoughts for.


My Wrestling Theme Song if i was Wrestling :

The Acacia Strain - Smoke Ya Later [First Theme]
As I Lay Dying - Separation/Nothing Left [Second theme if i turned Heel or face]


► Favorite ROH Wrestler: Davey Richards
► Favorite TNA Wrestler : Kurt Angle
► Favorite TNA Knockout : Tara
► Favorite CZW Wrestler : "Sick" Nick Mondo
► Favorite CZW Women : LuFisto
► Favorite Dragon Gate Wrestler : Masato Yoshino
► Favorite NOAH Wrestler : KENTA
► Favorite WWE Wrestler : Triple H (I stop watching WWE a long time ago so this isn't really important....)

Music/Tracks of the Future!

Music is being played everyday trying out new bands here and there,and liking it to the fullest!
Can't wait for the Limp Bizkit Gold Cobra to come out have speical cash saving for it! Just bought the As I lay dying's The Powerless Rise album waiting for more in the future! I Have over 100 albums stacked up trying to figure which ones to get out!

♫♪♫♪ ♫♪♫♪ ♫♪♫♪ ♫♪♫♪
╚══╝ ♫ |̲̅̅●̲̅̅|̲̅̅=̲̅̅|̲̅̅●̲̅

► Rap (Underground rap) (Mainstream rap sucks!)
► Rock (Various types)
► Rapcore (Rap-Rock)
► Metal (Metalcore)
► R&B (Oldies as well)
► Classical (Easy listening)
► Insturmentals (As in no words)

You can also get in contact with me at or simply leave me a PM.

Have a good day.

-Ricardo Rodriguez

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