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Saints Fan since Conception. My Dad was stationed in New Orleans in the 60s and took me to the Saints 1st game Ever at Tulane! I was 7 years old and all I remember is the Kick off. The Saints scoard a TD on the opening kick off but lost the game.

My Dad got transfered to Norfolk in 69 and bought a house in Virginia Beach. My Dad and Bother became Redskins Fans but I stayed with The Saints.

The next Saints game I went to was against the Redskins at FedEx Feild with Brooks at the helm for the Saints and Ramsey's Professional debut for the Redskins. Our D sacked Ramsey 8 times and Michael Lewis returned a punt and kick off pair of TDs. Saints won that one.

My brother-in-law who's a 49ers Fan gave me two tickets to the Saints vs 49ers in 2007 great game and great city.
I got to see the Saints clench the NFC South at FedEx Feild against the Redskins in 2009 on their SB run. Meachem Scored on a wild play where he stripped the ball away from a redskins defender who intercepted a Brees pass intended for Shocky. I took pics and captured the drop back, the pass, the interception, the return, Brees positioning himself to make a play, Meachem stripping the ball and running towards the endzone with Coach Payton pumping his fist running in the same direction, and finally, Meachem scoring a TD the throwing the ball to a lucky WHO DAT in the stands.... .Check out the slide show.

It's been a long time comming but that only makes it sweeter.

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