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I am a fantasy contributor for Peter King's MMQB/SI and Football Guys, and I am a former Senior Editor for PFF Fantasy. Some of my work has won or been nominated for awards with the FSWA, where I won the 2012 award for Best Football Article on the Web and 2013 award for Best Football Article in Print. My expertise in sports goes beyond football, but my focus as a writer has been the Gridiron. I do all my work via telegraph and typewriter.

Follow me on twitter at @AlexMiglio. Feel free to bug me there any time. Fair warning: I tweet a lot.

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  • Willy Istvan posted 28 days ago

    Willy Istvan

    I don't mind that the Seahawks are ranked #2, but there is a blatant omission you've made in your analysis of the Seahawks coaching staff. Seattle's development of third day draft picks and UDFA's is second to none. You say, "The Seahawks are loaded with talent, which is the only reason why the coaching staff hasn't been ranked higher here." You could use this excuse if the Seahawks were loaded with first round draft picks, but they are loaded with 5th thru 7th round picks...the only reason they are so talented is because they've been developed by the Seahawks coaching staff. Sometimes you have to give credit where credit is due.

    Regarding the 49ers, you've made a somewhat incorrect statement, "He only took a perennially mediocre team to the NFC Championship Game in each of the past three seasons, including during his inaugural season in 2011." If you do some research, you will learn that the 49ers 2010 draft class is probably the best team draft class in at least the last 10 years. Harbaugh inherited a bunch of relatively new rookies that were incredible. To say he inherited a mediocre team is rather disingenuous. Here is a link to a cool article on Niner Nation that adresses what I've talked about here:

    You can learn all kinds of tidbits in this article.

  • Rambling Fan posted 29 days ago

    Rambling Fan

    Hey your articles are terrible. Why don't you try leaving your personal opinion out of things and use some damn logic?

  • Ralph Colucci posted 38 days ago

    Ralph Colucci

    You're an idiot

  • Steamin Willie Beamen posted 39 days ago

    Steamin Willie Beamen

    Hey bud, when we wanna read about football, we wanna read about FOOTBALL. Not your political, religious, or moral beliefs. You're just another self important doofus who probably thinks you're "making a difference" by writing about the REDSKINS nickname.

  • Tracey Bennett posted 39 days ago

    Tracey Bennett

    You need to stay out of the politically correct arena and stick to football. What you said about the Redskins is B.S. You and the rest of your libtard friends need to get thicker skin. Crybaby!

  • Michael Mulligan posted 106 days ago

    Michael  Mulligan

    You continue to write biased crap and take cheap shots at the Jets every article you have a chance. You'd be more respected if you wrote like a writer thats a fan of the NFL not the Dolphins.

  • Dennis Shimmel posted 224 days ago

    Dennis Shimmel

    Seattle plays in Century Link field AKA the Clink!

  • Larry King Geoff posted 240 days ago

    Larry King Geoff

    Your free agency article omitted two notables, being T.J. Ward and Alex Mack. You sub-par writing needs improvement.

  • Pierce F posted 293 days ago

    Pierce F

    Who should I start this week on my fantasy team, Tampa's Vincent Jackson or Philly's DeSean Jackson?

  • josh curtis posted 307 days ago

    josh curtis

    should I drop Ronnie Hillman for David Wilson? My RBs are Jason Snelling, Ray Rice, and Eddie Lacy.

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