I've been an avid sports enthusiast as far back as I can remember. Baseball, particularly being a favorite of mine for a significant amount of time. I've shared many fun and lasting memories with friends and family via watching, playing and following baseball. I’ve worked in Minor League Baseball (Houston Astros affiliate), have a degree related in sports and i'm currently striving to make an imprint via the Bleacher Report community with my writing ability. I recently began my stint as a Washington Nationals featured columnist to share my opinions, thoughts, and humor about America’s favorite pastime (and the Nats).

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  • Hannah Alberstadt posted 1763 days ago

    Hannah Alberstadt

    You're welcome. That's what I'm here for!

  • Amber Lee posted 1775 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey there—Thanks so much for fanning me on here, I really appreciate the support :) Hope you'll stay in touch via B/R or hit me me up on Twitter (@Blamberr) at some point re a Natties fan too—are you in DC?

  • Stefan Bielinski posted 1777 days ago

    Stefan Bielinski

    SB from Fountain Avenue: Congrats on your platform! This Mets fan thinks Nats are scary = great pitching, overall talent, and manager, They spend = admirable! DSpan addition is huge - what a defensive OF

    Hope we can punk em early and often

    Keep at it bud!

  • Eric Bloking posted 1784 days ago

    Eric Bloking

    Andrew, Good job on the articles..... I see you are on your way to getting to your goals. its nice to see a newer prospective on a young and improving team.

  • Alex Skillin posted 1799 days ago

    Alex Skillin

    Hey Andrew, thanks for alerting me to the problem with your headline on the Nationals main page. I didn't post it there and I can't fix it myself, but I've alerted the Content Standards team and hopefully they'll get it resolved soon.