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Keenan Womack


After a two-year absence, I'm back, bitches.

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  • dustin brockelman posted 2340 days ago

    dustin brockelman

    Hey, we need a hardcore UT fan/writer to put up a comparison article from this year's squad and the '04/'08 squads. There are some eerily similar projections come out of analysts camps saying a lot of the same things they did back then.

  • john cory posted 2345 days ago

    john cory

    Keenan, I was not saying you were bashing Texas and the question about whether or not BR is promoting the articles is because I know at time they give assignments for some of the writers maybe it is just the newer writers. But my point is that I wish the articles would get to the meat of what is going on in the practices and scrimages. I love Barking Carnival for the updates and Inside Texas. It just seems this conference stuff is never ending. I was not making any assault on you and am sorry it was perceived that way.

  • john cory posted 2346 days ago

    john cory

    Keenan, are these constant articles promoted by BR ? It is getting so old to see the same texas haters, not even from the conference bash texas. If you don't have a dog in the fight why care? Please write about things occurring that will make a difference on the games this year.

  • Keenan Womack posted 2563 days ago

    Keenan  Womack

  • Tyler Springs posted 2642 days ago

    Tyler Springs

    Hey Keenan,

    As an FC for Texas, I thought you might be interested in this article that has to do with the 'Horns opponent this week. I know everybody hates Baylor, but if you get the chance to read it, please let me know what you think. Thanks.

    -Tyler Springs