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  • mark herman posted 938 days ago

    mark herman

    Keith! I'm a long time ND fan and long time reader of "Inside the Irish" blog site. I'm going to be in Chicago for a wedding (first time in the midwest) and my wife and I are going to make the trip to South Bend. I was wondering if there was any football practices or events during the following days 6/29-7/1?

  • J D posted 1170 days ago

    J D

    I am a big 12 fan. Support most of these teams against out siders. Like Notre Dame always. Believe ND will win by 2 TDs . Avoid Turnover.
    Please help by fighting an un fair 4TPlayoff that favors the SEC who don't play most of each other, while the Big 12 risk injury and losses in playing a round robin Sched.
    Here is a 32 Team Playoff that keeps the 30 Bowl games and uses Dec Madness to obtain a True Champ in only 5 games. All 3,2,1, and 0 loss Teams would be seeded / Seed 1 to Seed 8 / Repeated in 4 areas. EAst, west, Midwest, and South similar to Basketball.

    A Simple Guide by J D
    FACT: There are always 13 SATURDAYS in the 92 days of September thru November.

    STEP ONE: Require all teams to finish their 12 GAMES by the END of NOVEMBER. There would be TIME for ONE OPEN DATE . Or TWO using the LAST SATURDAY in AUGUST.
    STEP TWO: Have an NCAA selection committee PICK the TOP 32 Football Teams: FOUR Divisions would be set up:
    East, South, Midwest, West.
    Four Number One Seeds would be chosen in each Division and progressively on down: Number Two through Eight.
    SEED Number One would play Number Eight, Number Two plays Number Seven and so on.

    STEP THREE: SIXTEEN GAMES would be played ( 32 Chosen Teams) on the First Saturday in December. The SWEET SIXTEEN winners would play on the second Saturday in December.
    STEP FOUR: The Elite Eight Winners are in the HIGHEST FOUR BOWLS called CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLS and would be played on New Years Day.
    STEP FIVE: The FOUR QUARTER FINAL TEAMS play their TWO GAMES on January 8 or later.
    STEP SIX : THE FINALS: 2 WINNERS would play a week later near January 17 for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.
    Conclusion: Only FOUR TEAMS would NEED to PLAY past the HOLIDAY Weekend of January the 1st. And the REST of the TEAMS could GO BACK TO their Studies and Classes.

    Also: The 30 plus BOWLS are kept . The LOSERS in the FIRST or SECOND Round can PLAY again in any BOWLS but the FOUR CHAMPIONSHIP BOWLS and win and rejoin the Top Twenty five.

    Remember any team LOSING in the FIRST or SECOND WEEK of the Playoffs could STILL be INVITED to ONE of the 30 plus bowls.
    IF TEAMS THINK They are the BEST, then let them PROVE IT on the Battlefield of Play. ONE team out of the 32 Teams chosen will win 5 games in a row and be true National Champ.!!!

    Thanks for reading . My main concern is that somewhere, somehow, in my lifetime an Unfair 4 TEAM Playoff will be abolished. Every 8-3 team in the top 40 or 65 Teams will have respect and a chance to win it all.
    This will bring in $1 BILLION dollars or more to the Teams and their Schools.

  • John-Paul Sullivan posted 1231 days ago

    John-Paul Sullivan

    Check out the new turf! Tour guide said we were only the second group to see the completed field. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hwUhdiPbj0

  • Tom Horn posted 1365 days ago

    Tom Horn

    FYI---Somebody trashed the comments section in your article about ND's 2014 schedule with pages of nonsense.

  • Mike O'Rourke posted 1373 days ago

    Mike O'Rourke


    A number of the ND Football fans have written messages to B/R at info@bleacherreport.com complaining about a single highly toxic troll poster who uses dozens of fake screen names and has turned the ND B/R site into a wasteland that no one wants to visit, read and comment on because he continually adds trash and long nonsensical copied postings into the comment sections.

    Can you add your voice and influence to the staff at B/R to remove and ban this one bad poster masquerading as many fake posters' continued behavior from the ND Site?

    There is a lot of money tied up running this ND B/R site and advertisers who would like to get as much viewership traffic as possible--but one lunatic troll poster can wreak the site and bring readership and interest down to next to nothing.


    Concerned ND B/R Poster and Fan

    Mike O'Rourke