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  • Tom Horn posted 132 days ago

    Tom Horn

    FYI---Somebody trashed the comments section in your article about ND's 2014 schedule with pages of nonsense.

  • Mike O'Rourke posted 141 days ago

    Mike O'Rourke


    A number of the ND Football fans have written messages to B/R at info@bleacherreport.com complaining about a single highly toxic troll poster who uses dozens of fake screen names and has turned the ND B/R site into a wasteland that no one wants to visit, read and comment on because he continually adds trash and long nonsensical copied postings into the comment sections.

    Can you add your voice and influence to the staff at B/R to remove and ban this one bad poster masquerading as many fake posters' continued behavior from the ND Site?

    There is a lot of money tied up running this ND B/R site and advertisers who would like to get as much viewership traffic as possible--but one lunatic troll poster can wreak the site and bring readership and interest down to next to nothing.


    Concerned ND B/R Poster and Fan

    Mike O'Rourke