John Holt

John Holt


Retired Air Force Lt. Colonel (pilot). Shot down in Vietnam. Been a Cub fan since 1943 when I saw my first game at Wrigley. First major leage game I ever saw as I had moved from the mountains of N.C. I can still name the starting lineup in 1944-1945 and recall our great WGN announcer Bert Wison. Saw first games on TV ever broadcast looking through a barroom window in the Northern suburbs of Highwood. Bars could afford the very expensive TV's in those days. Most families could not.

"Just wait until next year" has been my mantra for over half a century. Well, just wait until this year (2008) is my new mantra. We got the players, we got the manager, we got the general manager, and we got Wrigley Field. Now is the time. I hope I do not have to re edit my bio at the end of the year. Cub fan for ever and then some.

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