Justin Lorenz

Justin Lorenz


I was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and I hope to someday become a sports writer for either a magazine or the newspaper.
I follow sports religiously. My number one love are of coarse the Pittsburgh Pens follwed closely by the Steelers.. the pirates will not get my love untill they get out of last place.
if you like my article drop me a line.
Let's Go Pens!!

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  • Patrick Read posted 3388 days ago

    Patrick Read

    Anyone that all-in on hockey I will become a fan of. My grandfather used to manage Syracuse, when they were the farm team for Toronto. They sent him to the US to take on the job, and we stayed. That team won the Calder Cup, but wasnt awarded it because of WW2. That original team then was sold to Buffalo, became the Bisons - who then went on to become the Sabres. In 1997 they finally presented the cup to the new Crunch. Gramp (Frank Read) and dad (Bill) are both in the Hockey HOF. All hockey people need to stick it out together, so I thought you might like that story regardless of team.
    Welcome my brother-I like you articles too, and rated them all 5 stars...as any hockey article should be rated. Hockey needs more exposure, especially from ESPN-and might get it now. I think Don Cherry aka Grapes, might take Melroses' spot on ESPN. If so, then hockey will blow up in the US, like it is in Canada.
    I remember Grapes when he was a coach in thye 1970s, and he was one mean SOB, which all players can respect- Since then he has been a main stay on Hockey Night in Canada

  • Wooooo posted 3391 days ago


    Welcome to BR. I'm the Community Leader for the Penguins, so if you have any questions, comments, ideas, etc. to add to the community, just drop me a line.
    I enjoyed your first article and I look forward to reading more from you.
    Thanks, good luck, and Let's Go Pens.