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  • Corey McDevitt posted 1 day ago

    Corey McDevitt

    Yeah, i wouldn't be mad at all if Carlisle left, i mean i would be sad, but i wouldn't hold anything against Carlisle! I just really want Dallas to start over again, i'm happy with having Dallas as the bottom seed for the next few years if it meant we could be anywhere what MIN have going on now! But through FA's and trade, i'd love


    Thats not a contending team, but it's a bright young team!

    Yay, another person to talk NFL with! I'm all NFL now that Washington is out.. Detroit, GB and NYG, first off i hate NYG haha! They are just a team i don't find appealing at all and could never support them! GB are beasts, i love Randall Cobb, Eddie Lacey, Ha Ha Clinton Dix, Sam Shields, they are such a talented team, so good on offense, one of my good friends is a big GB supporter so i know a bit about them! Detroit, what do you think about the Suh deal and replacing him with Ngata? I really like it, being a Bengals fan i dealt with Ngata a lot last season and i'm glad he's not in the Ravens anymore thats for sure!

    Haha why you feel bad for my Bengals? and what you think about the Raiders?

  • Alex F. posted 1 day ago

    Alex F.

    Detroit and Milwaukee will be battling for the 8th seed next year



    Those are 7 teams that are practically guaranteed to make the playoffs out east next year. That leaves one spot for teams like Detroit, Milwaukee, Boston, Charlotte, Orlando etc. Honestly out of those teams I see either Orlando or Detroit making it.

    Soccer isn't competitive in Europe at all. There's no salary cap so basically the rich teams ALWAYS win. I'd advise you to watch EPL because it's the only league televised in the USA really and it's the league everyone follows. Start watching Champions and Europa league next year though. Look into watching the Champions and Europa league finals next week and the week after too.

  • Mavs 113 posted 2 days ago

    Mavs 113

    Okay bro.

    Hmmmm, I have a lot to say:

    1) DJ or LMA?
    Personally, I prefer DJ because of his youth, defense and athleticism. LMA is going to be 30 and the Mavs need to think about bringing in another person to pair with Parsons in the future. LMA is a better player but DJ has more upside so I'll roll with DJ, plus, our FT coach is awesome!

    2) Shooting Guard?
    Monta, Danny Green or Khris Middleton? Personally, I'd prefer Middleton because he is a good 3 and D guy who can contribute in all areas. Danny Green has good defense but his offense is streaky. Ellis is mediocre defense and has good offense. I like consistency because inconsistency was what killed the Mavs last season. Definitely Khris.

    3) Dirk to 6th man?
    Love the idea. At this point, his defensive struggles are too much so reverting him to a 25-30 minute 6th man sounds nice, especially if our bench receives a boost if we do so. Who can we put at PF? I'd aim at running a small and athletic lineup.

    4) Bench?
    Re-sign Aminu, Barea, Villanueva and attempt to sign Wright if possible. Develop the younger guys like Powell and try to bring Eric Griffin from D-League, I love his potential. Fill out the rest of the roster with some veterans willing to take vet's minimum. Bringing back JET would be a GREAT thing!

    5) Ty Lawson?
    It'd be nice to have him but the salary cap for us would be locked up pretty badly. Still, it'd be nice to have a double-double machine from a PG.

    My dream Mavs lineup for 2015-2016:
    C: DeAndre Jordan - Brandan Wright - Dwight Powell
    PF: Dirk Nowitzki - Amare Stoudemire - Charlie Villanueva
    SF: Chandler Parsons - Al-Farouq Aminu - Eric Griffin
    SG: Khris Middleton - Jason Terry - Richard Jefferson
    PG: J.J. Barea - Devin Harris - Raymond Felton

    It's more of a dream but that team would be much younger and our defense would be much better. Don't know if that lineup could get us to the top but anything can happen.

  • The Durantula posted 2 days ago

    The Durantula

    Have u seen some Hezonja miztapes? He's SO athletic and his shot reminds me of Klay's. If the Pistons take Porzingis, I'll be DED lmao. Another foreign bigman who's being compared to Dirk cough* Darko *cough ;) Hezonja is a good fit tho. Imagine the Pistons draft Hezonja and sign Draymond Green? Very unlikely ik, but imagine

  • The Durantula posted 2 days ago

    The Durantula

    Lol Aguero and Thomas Muller r my 2 favorite players

  • The Durantula posted 2 days ago

    The Durantula

    Lol I don't have a better way of saying it (and it sounds like I'm b*tching, which I am) but I hate how the Warriors ALWAYS get lucky like this smh. They were able to hold on in game 1, ok. But how the hell does Harden drop 38, bring his team back in it, then lose the ball and like that poof, all for nothing, the Warriors win. I felt like the Rockets lost it more than the Warriors won it. Nonetheless it's 2-0 and I got the Dubs winning the entire thing. Still want Atlanta, but ik it's not likely.

  • Real NBA Fan posted 3 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    LMFAO I know! I like changing my pic a lot. Mostly because it gets people confused haha.
    I think I changed it like 8 times in the last 2 weeks.

    How do you think Towns and Dieng will work out?
    And how will Bennett and Payne get in the rotation?

  • Eric Jiang posted 3 days ago

    Eric Jiang

    Lol I changed my mind now. You're right. Jerebko is better. You guys can keep Prince. No question. ;)

    Nah T-Wolves did, thanks to Fisher botching the tank job last couple of days.

  • Matt Murdock posted 4 days ago

    Matt Murdock

    He is? Lol.... I have been a bit distracted with my Finals and stuff coming up :/ But if he is...... I don't know whether he will leave.. Everyone says, Spur for life and stuff, but in the end, its all just a business right? I hope we can keep everyone and get LMA XD

    Tell you what... We'll give you Tiago Splitter :D AND Jeff Ayres. Take em both :)

    CLE is going to make the Finals, man :/ It's bloody unbearable to watch. ATL is a good team, but I doubt they will stop the Cavs... Our only hope lies with GSW, hoping they beat Houston, they truly have a chance to beat the Cavs

    You're a Minny fan too right? The Wolves bandwagon might be filling up pretty quickly lol... Save me a seat :P JK

    Ah I get it... You still in school right? I don't think I would have been able to watch either, if I was still in school... But if you get the chance, watch Daredevil, if you like the superhero stuff...

  • Mavs 113 posted 4 days ago

    Mavs 113

    What do you mean sorta?