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  • The Durantula posted 9 days ago

    The Durantula

    Monroe spurned the Knicks and Lakers to join the Bucks so it's a win for y'all. Bucks will be a darkhorse in the East next year but they aren't really contenders. Probably a 1st round scare or 2nd round Cinderella story. Why do u have a pic of Swansea City? Lmao!

  • Real NBA Fan posted 13 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    After that DeAndre mess, Utah should be making the playoffs. Bye Dallas lol.

    Pekovic is the reason why I have nightmares lol. That contract makes me sick.

    Who do you think will be the biggest breakout player this year? And do you think Henson can play well beside Monroe?

  • Atlanta Hawks Fan posted 17 days ago

    Atlanta Hawks Fan

    Isn't Swansea City the club that has Kyle Walker?

  • Chandler Frankenfield posted 19 days ago

    Chandler Frankenfield

    Yup, Towns and Jones hopefully can contribute well this yer

  • Small Fundamental posted 21 days ago

    Small Fundamental

    I think Spurs should try to get Ray Allen.. What do you think?

    Yeah lol... ANYONE but Cleveland -_-

    Fans who remain Portland fans through all this, have to be the most loyal fanbase in the whole world O_O

    Ehhh... I think its definitely between Curry and CP3.. I don't think you can go wrong picking either.... Curry needs to keep his turnovers down, goddam X_X I have absolutely no idea why the Clippers don't win.. They have an extremely good team (or HAD with Jordan) they beat the Spurs, they were THIS close to beating the Rockets, they also could have given the Warriors many problems... Wtf is wrong with them O_O

    Yeah its incredible how well rounded he has become... Hopefully he doesn't leave LA, lol

    Lmaooo I can't wait to see Jordan play without CP3... You can't run sh*t through Jordan, man... So overrated -_- His offense consists solely of putback dunks and alley oops lol.... Who's going to lob to him now?? Raymond Felton?

    Its sad thinking about Dirk though :( Dude took a paycut to help the Mavs win :(

    So you think MIL can make the Finals next year? I saw your predictions.... Just asking because I don't really know much about them except the fact they are going to be very good if everyone pans out for them....

    I used to watch the Discovery Channel and Nat Geo a lot when I was younger lol.... It was them who scared me -_- And its effing true though... Some of those spider toxins, the anti venom has to be administered within minutes of the bite. It's fascinating yet terrifying. I wouldn't go to Australia if you pay me to go to Australia lol...

    Do you know why Swedish women look so good? O_O I heard a rumor/fact/myth that its because the vikings raided other villages and they only brought back the best looking women... That's why all Swedish people look so good

  • Eric Jiang posted 22 days ago

    Eric Jiang

    Free agency has gotten to the boring point already. *Sigh* (except for the LeBron-Tristan Thompson dealio)

  • Eric Jiang posted 22 days ago

    Eric Jiang

    How do you like my standings predictions?

    Western Conference

    1. Oklahoma City
    2. Golden State
    3. San Antonio
    4. Memphis
    5. Houston
    6. New Orleans
    7. LA Clippers
    8. Dallas
    9. Utah
    10. Phoenix
    11. Portland
    12. Sacramento
    13. LA Lakers
    14. Denver
    15. Minnesota

    Eastern Conference

    1. Cleveland
    2. Chicago
    3. Atlanta
    4. Toronto (division winner)
    5. Miami
    6. Milwaukee
    7. Washington
    8. Boston (bit of bias)
    9. Indiana
    10. Orlando
    11. Detroit
    12. Charlotte
    13. Brooklyn
    14. New York
    15. Philadelphia

  • The Durantula posted 22 days ago

    The Durantula

    Warriors, Spurs, Thunder is gonna be a bloodbath man. Lol why did the Spurs have to actually sign someone in FA this year?! :'( Still got faith in OKC if they can stay healthy and Donovan implements a system that works. Bucks got Greg Monroe, idk if we talked about that yet lol. Milwaukee has a helluva squad now.

  • GOT MY ACCOUNT BACK posted 23 days ago


    Doing great!

  • Real NBA Fan posted 23 days ago

    Real NBA Fan

    Ooooh actually, Clippers might want Pekovic, they literally have no centers.
    Pekovic for a 1st rounder?