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  • Eric Jiang posted 6 hours ago

    Eric Jiang

    Yeah Nets always had that "unmotivated" attitude and there's lots of things wrong with them (ownership that visits once in their life and impatient, lackluster effort at times, rushing management buying a team).

    I somewhat enjoy seeing them crumble a bit without their own pick until 2019 or so. Plus we own their 1st round pick unprotected for 2 years at least over that course. (One pick, we can swap with them) Why tank when someone might be able to do it for you? :)

  • Real NBA Fan posted 7 hours ago

    Real NBA Fan

    Garnett = GOAT lol

    Do you think Davis can surpass KG? He's phenomenal, and I fully expect him to average MASSIVE numbers next season. He's basically confirmed MVP in 2017.

    2016 could be one of the tightest MVP races in a while. With Durant, LeBron, Davis, Curry, Harden, and who knows, what if Paul George makes a strong case as well?

    Lol yea... I'd rather Mo Williams over Neal tho. More experience, and we barely have any PG's. (LaVine shouldn't be PG)

    I see you talking about Eminem with Small :P
    He's ur fav rapper? My all-time fav is Nas, current fav J. Cole

  • The Durantula posted 1 day ago

    The Durantula

    Bayless at the buzzer!!! Really bizarre way to steal a game, but I guess the Bucks deserved at least 1 game. I think the Cavs r done. Smith is gonna miss a lot of time cause of the punch, and Love nearly got his arm torn out. How do the Celtics plan to get him when he thinks Olynyk is bush league? :P But I definitely think Lebron controls everything in Cleveland. He's basically their coach and GM. I don't even think he listens to Blatt.

    As for the Thunder HC, I want them to hire anyone of these guys: Gentry, Mike Malone, Italian Spurs assistant, Thibs. Still have a slight hope we can get JVG out of retirement.

  • Alex F. posted 1 day ago

    Alex F.

    Didn't you go to New Zealand for a while? How was New Zealand or whatever country you went to? What was the reason you left? University right?

    Oh yeah I remember you're a Detroit guy. I believe the Pistons will make a big jump next year and make the playoffs while I'm not sure what to think of the Lions. I think the NFC is too much for them this year.

  • Miami Heat Fan 4Life posted 1 day ago

    Miami Heat Fan 4Life

    This season was just crazy injury wise lol.

    I think for the draft, we need to get Hezonja or Stanley. Both can develop into great two way players in the future. Hezonja, right now, can come in and be a 3 and D guy. Stanley can come in and run the floor with Dragic while playing lockdown defense. I would be happy with either player tbh

    Man, that Bayless buzzer beater was sick. I want to see MIL win game 5 and make it interesting.

  • Small Fundamental posted 1 day ago

    Small Fundamental

    By new song, if you mean Phenomenal, its in the Southpaw trailer...

  • Small Fundamental posted 1 day ago

    Small Fundamental

    Yes it is. I really liked it, although some people didn't. Did you like Headlights? I thought that was nice and touching as well

    Aw I like both of them... Have you heard Love the Way You Lie part 2? It's better than part 1...

    :) Still a plan lol.. Nothing has happened yet.. If Blazers are swept, it might really push Alridge towards San Antonio so lets see.. Isn't he a Texas native as well?

    You kinda feel bad for Portland, though... Passed on KD. Oden sucked. Brandon Roy sucked. Alridge left.

    Following the pattern, Lillard might leave as well :/

  • Alex F. posted 2 days ago

    Alex F.

    Awwww man I remember your name man it's just... DOUBLE D!!! I just realized what's up man where'd you go? You're a Detroit sports fan right?

  • Matt Rogers posted 2 days ago

    Matt Rogers

    I hate Marcus Smart because of his time in college. I'm an Iowa State fan and I watch a ton of Big 12 basketball so I got really sick of his flopping, his whining when the refs didn't call his flops, and he just acted like a complete douche sometimes.

    Too early to call the Seattle game. I'll make a prediction when after week one. I'm pretty excited for this season though. I didn't think we'd be able to bring just about everyone back(especially Cobb). If we find a new CB to replace Tramon Williams then I'm feeling really good.

  • The Durantula posted 2 days ago

    The Durantula

    Lol I'm glad Rose is playing like it's 2011, I have the Bulls beating the Cavs in the 2nd round in 6 or 7. Unfortunately for the Bucks, they're outmatched in nearly every aspect of the game. Hey, at least u guys r gaining experience. Giannis just needs to develop a steady jump shot, then he'll be really scary. And Middleton is becoming a premier 2 way player. Ugh, blowing a 20pt lead is bad enough, but losing in OT because of missing a FT just stings, and I'm not even a Pelicans fans. Imagine if that was Evans or Gordon who missed, Davis gets a pass because he's the "Brow" :P