andrew tkaczuk

andrew tkaczuk

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okay, 39 and originally from t.o., i started living the maple leafs since i was about 7. i have vivid memories of the types of players that got me hooked......palmateer for one, salming, vaive, pailment , just to name a few. i have heard it all when it comes to the jokes and the laughing and blah blah blah. what it boils down to, is everyone is a fan of the leafs....i mean, they have to be. they expend so much energy hating....and we all know that we make fun of the things we love and envy the most!
currently, i am brainwashing my son into the leafnation. if his brother has anything to do with it, it would be the canucks but......not likley.
i get severly depressed when our season is over....i have burned out countless playstaion nhl hockey disks, in which i have never lost a cup, nor lost more than 9 games a season and wonder why that can't happen in real life....
either way, they are the only team/sport i watch or follow. and now that i have a computer, i never ever ever ever miss any game..........ever........
p.s. if my son ever cheers for the habs, don't worry, i will disown him!

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