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  • Kaleick Pullam posted 236 days ago

    Kaleick Pullam

    "Guy, Rockets are not a good defensive team. You're reaching. The majority of the teams Houston has played the last 43 games have been mediocre or poor, so those stats you conveniently pulled out are extremely skewed. How about some stats where Houston has played teams with .600 winning percentage or better hm? I'll take care of that for you, thanks to our friends at

    Vs. .600+ teams

    Opp Mid-Range FG% (45.5)
    Opp In the Pain (39.0)
    Opp Corner 3 (43)
    Opp FG% (48.6)
    Opp 3-PT% (38.3)
    Opp - Above the Break 3 - (37.0)
    Opp - Restricted Area FG% (59.5) [This is the closest one to your stats)

    What does all tell you?

    Our defense stinks against good teams, teams that can score. Unless teams like Portland and GS, jump shooting teams, go cold or just miss more often than not, we aren't stopping them, we don't have the defense to do so.

    In the playoffs, we won't be playing the Sacramento Kings or the New Orleans Pelicans, sorry. We will be playing the cream of the crop. And our defense has not proven to hold up, as evidenced by the numbers.

    I win.


    I'll need a direct link to all of those statistics to prove your claim, and, while you're at it, I'll need a direct link to all of the "Title Contenders" and their defensive statistics vs. .600+ teams, starting with the Spurs who are 1-9 vs. such teams.

    Your statistics are skewed, how many +.600 teams has Houston faced this year? OKC, IND, SAS, POR, LAC, and GS. (Combined 6-7) That's 13 games you are getting your statistics from, a very small sample size, mine is from a 44 game clip, much larger, whether mediocre teams are included or not. Any team can beat any team on any given night, especially when you factor the schedule of said teams on said night. Not to mention, we were missing our best perimeter defender (Beverley) until the game vs. POR, and we are also missing depth at the C and PF position due to injuries to Asik, Smith, and Jones. Asik is allowing opposing teams to shoot 41.2% at the rim on more than 5 FGA a game, good for 9th in the NBA, he will improve our defensive numbers, significantly.

    In the Playoffs, there are no "schedule losses", you don't have to face a team coming off a full day of rest after you've played 5 games in 7 nights. And, most importantly, everyone should be healthy.

    I win, next.

  • BUCKEYE PRIDE posted 272 days ago


    Also, you have yet to prove Ohio is a boring state... Oh, that's because it's an OPINION.

  • BUCKEYE PRIDE posted 272 days ago


    When did I say "IF?" Idiot.

  • BUCKEYE PRIDE posted 273 days ago


    Also, you're from Texas so your opinion shouldn't matter.
    Ohio State has the largest fan base for a university on the planet according to New York Times.

  • BUCKEYE PRIDE posted 273 days ago


    I admit I'm wrong but he would have gone to Texas if he went to college.

  • BUCKEYE PRIDE posted 279 days ago


    LOL, he came from Texas, but not the university.