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  • fox mulder posted 1909 days ago

    fox mulder

    @Eric: First off he's nowhere to be found when it comes to defending the run!!! Yeah i just watched the niners o-line steam roll him on sunday night!!! So yes I watched and saw that he had no impact on the game what so ever!!! You make a big deal about him getting double teamed 50% of the time, But I see Justin Smith get doubled 100% of the time and still makes a huge difference in the game. They almost lost to the lambs and got their asses handed to them on sunday night!! I don't know what your seeing when you say dominant!!! I have the direct tv package so yes I watch the games!!! Maybe you need some glasses.

  • Chris Roling posted 2125 days ago

    Chris Roling

    Hey Eric, thanks for the head up on my article, not sure how that got in there like that. My mistake. Thanks!