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Phil is a featured columnist for (, an affiliate of Fox Sports. On CFN, he is the coordinator of the Big Ten Bloggers, writes the B1G Ten Tour on a weekly basis for the run down of Big Ten Football news, and is a contributor with the popular B1G Uglies column throughout the college football season.

Prior to that, Phil was also a Featured Columnist for covering all things Ohio.

During all of this Phil has been a contributor and correspondent for the Bleacher Report covering mainly Ohio State and is looking to ramp up his coverage on a more consistent basis. His stories have been featured on, Fox Sports, and others.

Off the field -- and in the home, Phil is a father of two, a husband who winds up in the doghouse way too often, and a want to be professional traveler. His typing speed is pretty fast, but since he is not from the Sun Belt it is perceived to be far less superior to those of his southern colleagues. Still, he makes due with the fast twitch fibers that he does have.

You can also become a follower of Phil on twitter @PhilHarrisonCFN.

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