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I've always loved sports. My passions have swayed from one sport to another. I started out as a die-hard Utah Jazz and basketball fan growing up in Utah during the early 90's. With the likes of Stockton around, it was easy to cheer the Jazz.

After moving to Nebraska in the later 90's, football stole my heart. It began with Elway and the Orange Crush of Denver. I would argue that NFL football was superior to college with anyone—my dad in particular. How wrong I was.

After moving back to Utah. I realized how special the Nebraska Cornhusker culture was in Nebraska. There is nothing like it the world over. Standing in a grocery line, everyone dead silent, the cashiers not scanning items, everyone wide-eyed listening to the next Husker play on the store PA system. The entire state is devoid of street traffic and the malls are empty. Hindsight requires all my passion for my other teams to give way to the Big Red of Nebraska.

I now live dead center between Rice-Eccles Stadium of Utah and Lavell Edwards Stadium of BYU. Unless you have lived here, you wouldn't know that I live in the heart of a rivalry as fierce as anything in sports. I am a die-hard Ute and hate no one more than a BYU Zoobie fan—yes, even more than 'those people' in Norman.

My love for soccer has been a relatively recent development. My buddy—who is a huge Arsenal fan—coupled with the World cup in 2006 got me hooked. I've only been to one Arsenal game in London against Fulham but plan on making several retrun trips to Emmerates Stadium.

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