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  • Josh Matt posted 644 days ago

    Josh Matt

    fan add?

  • Terry Lee posted 693 days ago

    Terry Lee

    And honestly, it's fine if you post your own opinion on stuff, even if it's the unpopular one, but if you at least backed up your opinions with proper logic, reasons, and a level of intelligence, then you wouldn't get trashed so much. People write about unpopular opinions all the time, but they can be respected writers for the way the go about doing it. They also don't come off like a defensive prick ("oh well everyone is being an ass to me, what can I say?") to the people that criticize them. Not to mention that your writing style comes off like a teenage fan fiction writer.

  • Terry Lee posted 693 days ago

    Terry Lee

    Give up writing. You've heard from enough people that you're a crap writer, and I'm here to state the same thing.

  • Travis Taylor posted 700 days ago

    Travis Taylor

    Great article on Big Show. Love it.

  • Tom Urtz Jr. posted 710 days ago

    Tom Urtz Jr.

    Hey man, hope you are feeling better.

  • The Doctor Chris Mueller posted 714 days ago

    The Doctor Chris Mueller

    Hey Robert,
    Just wanted to let you know that the Cody Rhodes photo in the article you posted does not seem to be showing up. At least not for me, could just be my PC, but every other photo on your articles shows up.

    Just thought I would let you know.

  • joao santos posted 798 days ago

    joao santos


  • Tom Driscoll posted 909 days ago

    Tom Driscoll

    First of all, sorry about this. There is no private message function, from what I can tell.

    I appreciate what you did in your most recent article. You probably just did it to see who would notice. At the time, it was damn funny.

    However, I read this website at work on my lunch. It has a reputation as being fairly SFW. If I'd have read your McMahon article on my lunch today I would have been fired on the spot. The newly jobless me wouldn't have taken your subtle jest in quite the tone it was offered and I would have made sure you never wrote on this website again. This isn't a threat, it's just what would have happened.

    So basically, while that was very funny, please don't pull s**t like this again. I like you, I like your stuff, but you have a responsibility to you readers, many of whom I'm sure are under 18.

    You're a great writer, I genuinely look forward to more articles from you.

    Take care,

  • alberto buckley posted 929 days ago

    alberto buckley

    Hey Robert!

    Could you write an article about the worst cage match variations? I would really appreciate it!

  • Paul McIntyre posted 973 days ago

    Paul McIntyre

    Two big developments in interesting wrestling stories!

    Information has emerged about what wrestlers could appear in the Chris Benoit biopic:


    Meanwhile, Dave Meltzer has revealed some interesting background on rumours linking Brock Lesnar to WWE:


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