Marc M

Marc M


I'm a 2006 graduate of UF, and have been a diehard Gator fan since if was old enough to hold a football. I love my Gators and I love analyzing my team and the Southeastern conference teams throughout the football season. It's awesome to find other SEC fans I can talk to about the game of football with as I respect all members of the toughest conference in college football, the SEC. Big Jacksonville Jaguar fan as well as that is my hometown.

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  • TJ Calkins posted 619 days ago

    TJ Calkins

    Just saw your message. No, I am not a UF alum yet

  • Zach Gilliland posted 1151 days ago

    Zach Gilliland

    Hey Marc,

    Sorry for the delayed response, I didn't see your message. Sometimes all of the comments don't show up for some reason, but if you click "newest" you may see it there.

  • Luke Brietzke posted 1466 days ago

    Luke Brietzke

    Hey Marc-

    Thanks for the comment! I appreciate you reading. I won't say I'm "predicting" that Florida will go nuts in 2014, but I certainly think it has a chance to improve dramatically. To me, it all comes down to Driskel.

    I think it's far more realistic to think Florida is closer to the 2012 team than it is the 2013 disaster. Everyone's allowed their own opinion, though, and that's what makes it fun.

    Thanks again.


  • Mr Avon posted 1474 days ago

    Mr Avon

    @TI/Matt I WTF RU KIDDING ME BRUH U TALKIN NICE NICE TO A FLORIDA FAN WTF RU WHAT KIND OF FAN ARE YOU. your officially banned from tha club. your not a real dawg fan go bandwagon some more ROFL.

  • Scott Carasik posted 1524 days ago

    Scott Carasik

    No problem man! Thanks for the positive comment. I don't get enough of those.

  • T I posted 1532 days ago

    T I

    Lol we suck at basketball, I dont remember us being ranked recently. Most southern states besides Florida, or redneck states, hated basketball. They follow Nascar more, Atlantas Motor Speedway and the Nationwide cup or whatever. Pretty stupid.

    Sorry, I got banned again. I changed my username.

  • Matt I posted 1534 days ago

    Matt I

    Hello marc,

    Thanks for the compliment. Not many people would show that class after losing a game like that, especially what happened in the game. For the record I don't encourage any of this thuggishness by our team, most of the fights were started by us and were to blame. Sorry to hear about your season btw, in fact both of our seasons are over due to these never ending issues---- injuries. Anyways good luck in your college basketball season, if you follow it some.

  • Tail Lerr posted 1554 days ago

    Tail Lerr


  • Matt I posted 1555 days ago

    Matt I

    Whats up? How about those upsets

  • Matt I posted 1562 days ago

    Matt I

    I see what you mean, but I cant take this anymore. Im like a curse to my own team so it's best I dont root for them. The Braves season is over, they were eliminated in the playoffs and the Falcons are 1-4 they lost 3 games the entire last season and are probably going to the lottery. Dawgs season is over. They lost two games so they cant play for the championship. If you dont win the title and are capable of doing so its just another waste of a season. One more year of waiting just to see us fall just short yet again. At least you got to see Florida win 5 titles (3 football 2 basketball) and the Spurs. I havent seen my team win a title a SINGLE time, forget about that I havent even seen that make a championship game. The players should understand what the fans have to go through. The players have themselves to blame for a loss, and can fix it by playing better. The fans cant do anything about it.