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22 from Anaheim CA !!
Newbie to the WWE scene but I'm a big fan since the coming months. I don't have much to say yet, when I get used to this ill rewrite accordingly.
Right now id say my top 3 wrestlers are:
Daniel Bryan. Although a bit cliche you have to admit hes a hell of a wrestler and my eyes stay glued to the screen as I'm yelling YES!!! over and over again. gotta love him.
Next up... CM Punk. Hes such a hottie but not only that after all he is the best in the world!!! (If it weren't for Bryan's epic storyline Punk would definitely be number 1.)
Last but not at all least, AJ Lee. This diva is another one i cant keep my eyes off of. Her attitude and her athleticism in the ring is great to watch.
I can go on with plenty of more names and thoughts of wrestlers that i like or dislike but I'm too new to this so i don't want to judge too quickly. I still have a lot to learn and watch so until next time..... ^_^

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