Zach Altif

Zach Altif


I have never been fond of detailing my life's exploits via cyberspace, however, I would like to explain why I have chosen the Boston Celtics, the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Tampa Bay Rays, and the Pittsburgh Penguins as my favorite sports organizations. My father, Michael, was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and has cheered for the men who wear black and gold since his formative years. He moved to Florida in his late twenties in search of labor, but maintained his allegiance to the Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins (though he was never truly a fan of the NHL). Pittsburgh wasn't sporting a professional basketball team during my father's childhood, hence he rooted for the men from slightly farther north who continually hauled in championship hardware - the Boston Celtics.

Five years into my life, I became interested in sports and adopted many of my father's teams as my own; however, I also became a fan of an organization known as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the late 1990's when I attended my first professional baseball game (Devil Rays vs. Orioles). Despite the woes endured by the Devil Rays in their early years, I held steadfast in my belief that the team would eventually right the ship and embark on a run to the World Series. In conclusion, while it may appear that I am a "band-wagon" fanatic who merely cheers for the best teams, I actually have a solid history with each individual organization and have maintained my conviction through less than stellar eras. Oddly, my favorite organizations appear to be peaking at the same time; however, I assure you that it is merely a coincidence.

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