Justin Norman

Justin Norman


University of Michigan student from NY. HUGE Mets, Jets, and Michigan football fan. Michigan bball and Knicks to a lesser extent. I love sports, I love arguing, I love writing, and I love that I'm really opinionated.

I've noticed that most writers on here have aspirations to become famous sportswriters. My message to you if you're part of that group: keep your day job. As for me? I'm realistic. I just like to write. I like getting awards and seeing thousands of people read my articles. I like what little notoriety I'm gaining.

Perhaps this means I'll end up a sportswriter, but who knows. As for now, I'll just continue to write, in hopes of racking up awards and honing my writing skills. Plus, it's something I enjoy.

Personal blog to come in the future, where I'll talk about sports and other things. Many musings, usually inappropriate.

I'm semi-active on Twitter, but I'd tweet more if I had my own cult. Follow me on Twitter - @jnorm1390 http://twitter.com/jnorm1390

I have no business getting quoted in an ESPN article, but ESPN NY blogger and BBTN researcher Mark Simon stumbled across my post and gave me a shout out and a link in his article on July 19, 2010. Fake life moment: http://es.pn/cG8D7c

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  • Tim Mosher posted 2719 days ago

    Tim Mosher

    Justin , congratulations , you got my hot button. Not difficult really . I was struck down in my prime while still playing semi pro softball. ASA, USSSA slow pitch , major division for 10 years. a fender bender left me with a broken neck, at 34. I'm fortunate to not be confined to a wheelchair, but as you could easily imagine I am easily frustrated. I have had a personal relationship with the Bonds family. I supervised a program after school with the Carlmont YMCA as an 18 year old for 1st graders. Barry was in the program . I was later introduced to Bobby at one of the local watering holes , and we frequently had drinks when he was in town ( San Carlos, Ca. ) visiting his kids. That certainly would seem to eliminate objectivity on my part , but I refrained from responding to any subjectivity to either player. I did enjoy the opportunity to air it out a little. Sort of makes my day. Thanks.

  • Sam Gibbs posted 2740 days ago

    Sam  Gibbs

    Uhm, I'd like a follow up on this post:


    Just wondering if Mets are still front runners or not.


  • James Williamson posted 2748 days ago

    James Williamson


    This is more than basketball, this is about sports in general. I politely ask for your attention here for a few minutes.