I'm relatively new to this freelance sports writing malarkey, but I have spent my entire life involved in many sports. Growing up I was always encouraged to play a variety of sports, such as football/ soccer, golf, racket sports and winter sports such as skiing. When I realised I would not play professionally, which took me until I was around 19 years old, I commited myself to coaching football and set myself a target of reaching the professional game/ business that way. I graduated with a Degree in Sports Management and now coach soccer in the USA. Sports writing is a field I enjoy and something done weekly alongside coaching.

I follow all sports but am most passionate about soccer/football. I am originally from Ascot (London, near enough), England but have been in the United States for three years now. I have played and coached at the college level back home and plan to do the same here when my time with town, travel, camps and clinics is over. I have also been involved in youth coaching at a professional level in England, with Leeds United and therefore I like to think I give a fairly honest and proud insight into the game of football at club and country level.

Thanks for reading, all the best and COME ON ENGLAND!


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  • Stew Flats posted 1735 days ago

    Stew Flats

    Hiot me with some controversy you 30 year old!!!!

  • Stew Flats posted 1737 days ago

    Stew Flats

    When is the next BBC to plagiarize master piece on the way? ;-)

  • Brian Rhodes posted 1738 days ago

    Brian  Rhodes

    Take a look at this mate and let me know what you think. It's quite comprehensive and took a while to write.


  • Stew Flats posted 1778 days ago

    Stew Flats

    Power Rankings 3


  • Stew Flats posted 1784 days ago

    Stew Flats

    Power Rankings 2


  • Stew Flats posted 1785 days ago

    Stew Flats

    First century knock. Chile article 105 not out

  • Brian Rhodes posted 1790 days ago

    Brian  Rhodes

    Another busy day at work for me. Take a look mate an let me know what you think?


  • Stew Flats posted 1791 days ago

    Stew Flats


  • Stew Flats posted 1794 days ago

    Stew Flats

    when is the nest edition out? Branton fix required

  • Stew Flats posted 1797 days ago

    Stew Flats

    Let me know your picks pal. Did you set a facebook group up yet?