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Justin Mullen

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I'm a teen aged boy who absolutely loves Baseball and Pro Wrestling- specifically WWE. I grew up during the Ruthless Aggression Era, and many of the wrestlers from 2003-2010 are many of my favorites. My favorite sports in order(not counting wrestling) is Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Football, and lastly, Hockey.
My favorite sports team hands down (no matter how good or bad they get) is the New York Mets. I also support Chelsea, The NY Knicks, NY Giants, and NY Islanders
My favorite Baseball Players are David Wright, Daniel Murphy, Matt Harvey, and Curtis Granderson.
My favorite wrestlers are:
Daniel Bryan
Rey Mysterio
Rob Vam Dam
Kurt Angle
The Rock (Before the comeback)
Hulk Hogan
Steve Austin
Chris Benoit
John Cena (before 2010)
Brock Lesnar
Shawn Michaels
Chris Jericho
Seth Rollins
I like and appreciate several other wrestlers, but those are my top 14.

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