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It's 24 years now, since I made my professional sporting debut.

Never heard of me?

I'll forgive you, as mere days into my sporting career I was involved in a motorcycle accident, that smashed my knee up, and whilst I recovered from that accident, my knee was never going to be strong enough again, to return my performances to the dizzy heights expected of me, so almost instantly my promising, fledgling sports career was over.

However, I never turned my back on sport, or sports entertainment, and it never turned it's back on me, and in the ensuing years I have held many positions, in the sporting world, from talent scout, to coach.

During that time I've had the privilege of making many friends, within the industry, and watching many stars of the future before their breakthroughs, which has allowed me to follow their careers, literally from start to finish.

My hunger for sport is as strong today as it's ever been, and I'm still always looking out for the next big thing, the next superstar, that's going to set the world alight.

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  • Lewis posted 1470 days ago


    hope ur bak

  • Lewis posted 1636 days ago


    Hey, check out my latest article:

  • Jamal Parker posted 1644 days ago

    Jamal Parker

    Hey Mr. Austin where 'ya been? You've been M.I.A. for awhile now.

  • Mr. Taylor posted 1714 days ago

    Mr. Taylor

    please check out like, comment and tell me what you think

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    Sulayman H.

    Fresh out of the oven:

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    Mr. Taylor

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  • Sulayman H. posted 1721 days ago

    Sulayman H.

  • Mr. Taylor posted 1723 days ago

    Mr. Taylor

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  • Mr. Taylor posted 1729 days ago

    Mr. Taylor

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  • Stew Flats posted 1729 days ago

    Stew Flats

    I cannot believe I came across this line by you

    "The ratings are that predictable, and really aren't a very good indicator of anything"

    You rammed them down my throat last week. Too funny