“Your future hasn't been written yet. No one's has. Your future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one.” -Doc Brown

A Journalism Major at Endicott College, Graham Mirmina (aka Graham “GSM” Matthews) joined Bleacher Report in May 2010 before becoming a Featured Columnist the following March. Since then, he has had his work featured on several established sites and is also currently a contributor to What Culture's WWE section. Living in Connecticut, he has attended several Raw and SmackDown tapings over the years, as well as indy events and house shows.

Outside of watching wrestling, GSM has been training in Sambo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since January 2010. Other interests include Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Psych, Monk, The Muppets, rock music and more. Through his writing, GSM looks to inspire, entertain and enlighten others with his vast knowledge of wrestling history. His ultimate goal is to one day work for WWE in some creative capacity.

Will Not Remove Until:
-CM Punk returns to WWE
-Kurt Angle returns to WWE
-John Cena turns heel
-Wade Barrett wins a world championship
-Cesaro wins a world championship
-Alex Riley wins singles gold
-King of the Ring tournament returns
-A WWE Hall of Fame building is built

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  • Chris Masters posted 137 days ago

    Chris Masters

    What do you think of this version of Ryback ?

    I imagine him looking so bad ass in this attire

  • davian castanet posted 165 days ago

    davian castanet

    Great Ryback article. I wanted to say that im not a TNA guy. I watch once every so often. But the main event produced last week, was far more exciting and better then anything WWE has produced in recent memory. The Hardys vs the Wolves, vs Dudleys was a PPV caliber match. I have been saying TNA is becoming WWE Jr. The way they electrified the crowd was unreal! The atmosphere was through the roof. I havent seen a WWE crowd get that excited about anything WWE puts on TV. There were tables and chairs and high flying stunts and bodys lying everywhere and unbelievable creative moves! It was MUST SEE tv. It makes me wonder if I am watching the right company. Stars that leave WWE succeed in TNA. WWE didnt want Lashely! And look at him. Look at MVP. The Hardys look great. WWE passed on Bubba Ray- because I read Randy didnt like him. SOOOOOO?????? Randy doesnt run the company!!!! And they have a chance to get Angle. But they are making things harder then they need to be. He has star power and will draw fans. But WWEs ego makes it next to impossible to get things done sometimes. They say they want a youth moment but next thing you know they sign Sting, Hogan and the Rock comes back. Word is Austin is training for a comeback. They passed on AJ Styles!!!! And the creative team is soooooo bad. They should call them the UNcreative team. The womans division is a joke. But no one is laughing. They are reportedly threatening to get rid of AJ..........why??? Because of what the crowd chants????? Its stuff like this that make you wonder..........

  • Randy Norton posted 176 days ago

    Randy Norton


  • Randy Norton posted 185 days ago

    Randy Norton

    Gone ?

  • Jaybee White posted 221 days ago

    Jaybee White

    Suggestion for next pushed to punished article: Big E Langston

  • Andrew Fleming posted 286 days ago

    Andrew Fleming

    Are you gonna do a wwe week in review for june 14?

  • Randy Norton posted 286 days ago

    Randy Norton

    JTG got Released , Randy Savage Will be inducted into the HOF Next year according to a report in this site and Drew MCintyre left 3MB and the WWE . 8 objectives to go GSM .

  • Australian posted 288 days ago


    Hey GSM... Any chance, at MITB, that two competitors unlock one belt simultaneously and we see a split in the titles again?

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  • Mauricio Rua posted 297 days ago

    Mauricio Rua

    You're an awesome guy. Pleasure speaking to you.

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