Kyle Luke

Kyle Luke


Yo. Growing up in Kansas City has proved to be a hopeless endeavor when it comes to finding winning teams. The Royals haven't been in the postseason since the 1985 World Series and the Chiefs have been one of the worst NFL teams the past two seasons. I thought I had finally found a winning team when my family moved to Dallas when I was 13. I soon adopted them as my favorite team and that has proved to be more painful than the worthless KC teams. Things I like include the aformentioned teams, the switch-hitter, the pull-up jumper, college football overtime, the first 3 minutes of the 4th quarter, hip bumps after big shots, cool MLB closer and basketball team introductions, going for it in 2 on par 5s, overexcited NBA benches, and the Ryder Cup. Things I don't like include the Big 10, the St. Louis Cardinals (and their fans,) anything KU, British golfers, Paul Pierce, Ryan Ludwick, and especially Manu Ginobli. I just graduated from Mizzou and don't really do a good job at hiding that either. Enjoy as I discuss the teams and sports I just care way too much about

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  • richard garcia posted 2759 days ago

    richard garcia

    willthe clips move any trades this summer? if yes, with who?