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Daniel Bryan Sucks! And to all the IWC members who are jerking off for Douche Baggie YES man DB, wait till you see him on the preshow of Wrestlemania.

Anti Daniel Bryan Gang List:
Bryan Sucks (me)
Alex Riley is the best 2.0
Olli Seppala
The Uppercut
Sachin Rocki
RKO fan
Rakshit Joshi
Austin Skiver

More to come.

Some of the interesting conversations I've had:

Quote From ARy 2.0

"Daniel Bryan in a nutshell:

Face the Shield (Either in a handicap match or with a random tag team)
Beat them.
YES! YES! YES! some more for the 1 billionth time
IWC wets their pants saying he's the greatest ever

Quote from Olli:

"Ever since I saw DB debut on NXT, I have seen an overrated star. The only times I've liked him are when he was in Hell No(Kane was the more entertaining part of the team) and when he was a heel. Otherwise, a boring, 1 chatpraise using, internet darling."

Quote from Sachin :
"D Bryan is a gr8 wrestler but a very poor WWE character.. As for his gimmick goes it willbe as short as those YES chants.... I dont think He deserves to be Top Babyface of WWE...."

Quote from Black Widow:
"To be honest, I found him boring on the mic, and his recent 'I'll be the hulk"(please watch this video to see what I mean: ) before he execute his own "5 moves of doom" annoyed the hell out of me. "

Quote from The aggressive Sheamus:
"I respect the beard but i think Bryan is overrated and not good enough to be the Face of the WWE I doesn't mean i don't respect him."

Quote from Tyson:

He's alright. I like his matches, but aside from that, I'm not a fan."

Quote from The Uppercut:
"Daniel Bryan is a nice little hand in the ring he can not carry a promo and is easily overshadowed by wrestlers who can talk if Punk or Cena are put in this storyline with him he's going back to the midcard."

Quote from RKO fan:

"Daniel Bryan. Childish. Overrated. Hated by real WWE fans. He sucks for sure."

Quote from Rakshit:

"A bad looking looking grows a beard taller than himself and becomes great with one catchphrase, not even a catchphrase, its just a damn word. I mean YES.... What the hell is that. He is in a austin like storyline. Do you seriously think that a semi-midget with a knee strike as a finisher and YES as a chant can fend the authority. He is shit!"

Quote from AG:
"Goat face vs Zack Ryder in a Yes chants vs WoWoWo WM 30 preshow."

And this goes for the GOAT: ( Although I disagree with this comment, its the most funniest and unrealistic
"Bryan is the greatest wrestler of all time, he will beat THe Rock at Next year's wrestlemania and Kurt Angle at the wrestlemania after that."

A Day will come when smarks realize that Daniel Bryan also has 5 moves of doom and all the bullcrap about him being the most technically sound wrestler is false.

PS: Some jobber didn't have the guts to have a conversation and flagged me! I'll come back #evenstronger

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  • John Haviland posted 76 days ago

    John Haviland

    Name some of your favorite movies on my page :)

  • Austin Skiver posted 210 days ago

    Austin Skiver

    put me in for a bryan hater!

  • Bryan Sucks 2.0 posted 273 days ago

    Bryan  Sucks 2.0

    New Account!

  • The Villain posted 274 days ago

    The Villain

    LOL!! I love the last part of your bio. (Stolen from Cena, Right?) #evenstronger LOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • The GOAT X5 posted 275 days ago

    The GOAT X5

    check out my comment on dis article:

    Bryan!! :-D

  • The GOAT X5 posted 275 days ago

    The GOAT X5

    GTFO you dirty son of a joBBer. bryan is da best in da world. he will beat the rock mark my words, it's just a matter of time.

    bryan >>>> cm punk

  • The GOAT X5 posted 275 days ago

    The GOAT X5

    omg hbk marks are the worst!!!!!!

    just admit that hbk sucks and is a piece o shitt as a human being

  • AG posted 275 days ago


    I just fanned you back ,lol Bryan back to midcard.

  • The Uppercut posted 275 days ago

    The Uppercut

    He got superkicked back to the tag team division lol.