Ros Dumlao

Ros Dumlao


Ros is a graduate from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. She received her degree in Journalism, News-Editorial and wrote for her school's publication, The Daily Illini, throughout her time at the U of I.

Ros was part of BR's inaugural internship program and wrote from May 2010 to June 2011. Born and raised in the city of Chicago, she has a deep passion for Chicago sports -- especially the Bulls. Eventually, she went from an intern to a Chicago Bulls Featured Columnist, and was a privilege to had written Bulls articles during one of the franchise's best seasons since the Jordan Era.

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  • Fita Biscuits posted 2390 days ago

    Fita Biscuits

    Yes, she is but she's wouldn't divulge it. hahaha. be proud of your heritage.

  • dyoks posted 2429 days ago


    Hey, Ros. How are you? Hope you're doing okay.

    Anyway, I'm just curious, are you a Filipina?

  • Jeff Shin posted 2431 days ago

    Jeff Shin

    Are you a Filipina, Ros?

  • Rallo Tubbs posted 2722 days ago

    Rallo  Tubbs

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  • Scott Gyurina posted 2725 days ago

    Scott Gyurina

    I read your article about gender issues in sports in regards to the Chicago Sky...It thought you could possibly be interested in this recent piece I wrote
    tackling an important issue facing sports today and our modern society .

    If you're interested, please give it a read, I would appreciate it greatly... thank you, Scott

  • Joe Pacoco posted 2736 days ago

    Joe Pacoco

    Fuck me up the ass!

  • Fen Yi Chen posted 2752 days ago

    Fen Yi Chen

    Anytime, always up for a convincing and a much different point of view. You seem to have a lot of those. Keep 'em coming.

  • Classic Nostalgia posted 2759 days ago

    Classic Nostalgia

    How dare you call Derrick Rose a piece of the puzzle!? He was drafted like Jordan was drafted! Then they built pieces around them. Lebron is just trying to ride the Derrick Rose legacy to win a ring cause he can't win one in Cleveland where they had 7 years of chances to build around him and still can't win a ring! Let Derrick Rose shine and grow. Rose is the savior of a historic franchise, Rookie of the Year, 21 year-old All-Star, Tied Kareem's record for playoff points as rookie, transcendent skill (skill nobody has ever witnessed before), he's a 1980's Michael Jordan, but more athletic, 4th highest selling nba jersey in just his 2nd year, dunk on dragic, dunk in ATL, block on Scal, cross on Miller, dunk on Oden,.... and you dare to compare him with Rondo!? GTFOH!! If James is SOOO good, why after 7 years the Cavs are still trying to win a championship and still trying to build around him!?!?! That’s saying something (OVERRATED). We were able to see all the things that defined Jordan’s career because he was “the man” on the team. If you had put Magic with Jordan, do you think we would’ve seen all those AMAZING career defining moments by each one of those individuals!? I think not. James has had 7 years of chances. Don’t insult the basketball Gods. And let Derrick Rose shine! He has taken the league by storm just like a 1980's Michael Jordan. People are saying we are in the golden age of the nba, well, I wonder who's Magic and Bird, and who is Jordan ; )