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  • Forgetful Pat Bowlen posted 37 days ago

    Forgetful Pat Bowlen

    Have we met?? I'm sorry but I can't recall your name or what year it is

  • Adam Odekirk posted 852 days ago

    Adam Odekirk

    Hey Dylan-
    Thanks for the comment. I am conflicted about the Osweiler pick, but heard some good opinions about how he may be better off growing under NFL coaching, than having another year of college coaching. Either way, I think we could have taken a position player that will see the field before four years from now. Wolfe and Hillman should get on the field early and often, and that's a good thing.

  • william ritchey posted 891 days ago

    william ritchey

    you are a prick man...stop posting your last word on every comment like anyone cares. typing it isnt going to make it a reality. wait till september-youre gonna have your asses handed to you by the CHIEFS

  • Marco Cummings posted 918 days ago

    Marco Cummings

    Always nice to see a real longtime Broncos fan out there...

  • Aaron Young posted 956 days ago

    Aaron Young

    Hey! I'd appreciate it if you'd check out my new article: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1026015-denver-broncos-a-look-at-each-position-before-draft-and-free-agency

  • Raider Pride_7 posted 968 days ago

    Raider Pride_7

    You're the arrogant prick that has to keep posting like your last word means anything.. u guys barely got in on a tie break and will go down hard get over it!! F@ck Bronco country!!

  • Raider Pride_7 posted 970 days ago

    Raider Pride_7

    Orange and Blue are just Posers like yourself and will still get crushed and then next season as well. GL getting crushed by the steelers!! LMAO

  • Raider Pride_7 posted 976 days ago

    Raider Pride_7

    F the Orange and Blue!!

  • Raider Pride_7 posted 979 days ago

    Raider Pride_7

    Broncos are the Real Faiders!!!!

  • Raider Pride_7 posted 980 days ago

    Raider Pride_7

    BUzzzzz Wrong again donkey worshipper.. Don't break a leg donkeys :D