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I moved to Ohio when i was 15. I never watched College football or any other college sport for that matter until then. My best friend introduced me to the Buckeyes soon after moving to Ohio when we went to his Grandfathers House for my first Buckeye game. When I walked down into the basement , it was like walking into a stadium almost, Thats how intense the atmosphere was. Scarlet and Grey for as far as the eye could see , right down to the last detail. That would include the pool table and sticks and balls, the carpet, the paint and muruls and the walls actuall furniture from the university that was scarlet and grey, Michigan toilet paper, light switches that said OSU turns me on ttun turns me off, I mean everything right down to the toothpicks. The walls were lined with photos of Brandons grandad standing next to OSU legends throughout the decades including all the coaches since Woody up to Tressel and many of the players like Archie Griffin, Eddie George, Chris carter to name a few but several more. Several T.V's at various points throughout the huge basement with the biggest big screen I had ever seen up to that point and foam Go Bucks Bricks to throw at the Tv's when there was a bad call. After that first game and experiencing the atmosphere and environment during a Buckeye football game and feeling the intensity, devotion, and love they all had for the Bucks, I finally understood why people liked college football so much and i was instantly a fan of the Bucks. The great thing is I had no idea that the Bucks were even good that year , let alone the history and the fact that the scarlet and grey would pretty much be contending for a NC every year. As much as I am fanatical about the Bucks, believe it or not. My wife may be more fanatical than I am about the scarlet and grey. It actually looks like Urban Meyer personally sent a crew of interior decorators to our house to decorate it as not only is our basement decked out in scarlet and grey . Most of our house is. My kids are also bigtime Buckeyes, it is very rare than any of us leave this house without at least one aricle of clothing that isn't scarlet and grey. I'm proud to be a Buckeye and dont think i could have been any luckier when it comes to meeting my best friend with whom I still try to watch every game with. Go BUCKS!!!!!

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