Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas


Bounced around the globe as a kid, and grew up a Steelers and Redskins fan, until our family settled in the Bay Area the year of Montana's last SB. Started following them a step or two short of what you'd call "avidly." Then I taught English in Eastern Europe in the late nineties, and Niners' games sent on VHS by my dad kept me alive as I slipped in and out of a soccer-induced coma. I have preferred following them since their fall from dominance, in that to me it grew boring to watch them blow out teams by the 2nd quarter and the games were void of suspense.

I limit my sports addiction to football, pro and college (Go Bears (Cal Alum (gratuitous parenthetical remark))). I care not for hockey; basketball I used to love, but as much as I try to watch it nowadays ... I just can't without growing apathetic. Baseball can be good live, but it can also be like watching paint dry.

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